The stars wing down the western steep,

And soon the east will burn with day,

And we shall struggle up from sleep

And sling our packs and march away.

Military Poem

In this brief hour before the dawn

Has struck our bivouac with flame

I think of men whose brows have borne

The iron wreath of deadly fame.

Military Poem

I see the fatal phalanx creep,

Like death across the world and back,

With eyes that only strive to keep

Bucephalus’ immortal track.

I see the legion wheel through Gaul,

The sword and flame on hearth and home,

And all the men who had to fall

That Caesar might be first in Rome.

Military Poem

I see the horde of Genghis Khan

Spread outward like the dawn of day

To trample golden Khorassan

And thunder over fair Cathay.

Military Poem

I see the grizzled grenadier,

The dark dragoon, the gay hussar,

Whose shoulders bore for many a year

Their little emperor’s blazing star.

I see these things, still am I slave

When banners flaunt and bugles blow,

Content to fill a soldier’s grave

For reasons I shall never know.

Presenting gifts to a  military wife can commemorate the years of support and service that our military spouse has done for military family while her husband was deployed.

A military spouse‘s job is hard work. It takes a lot of patience and courage to take on the job and sacrifice of a military spouse. Gift giving is appropriate at any time to let a Navy wife know that she is also appreciated by her family, friends and country.

Fragrance Sachet

Military's Wife Gifts Ideas

Many women are interested in the fragrance sachet, small fragrance sachet of dried herbs and flowers have been used to keep clothes and linen smelling sweet and free from moths, so this will be nice gift for them.

But how to choose the high quality fragrance sachet? You know all the ingredient in the mixture must be dry before using in the fill. The basic ingredient of fragrance sachet are herbs and flowers plus a selection of spice, dried orange, dried lemon peel, orris root powder and essential oils.

Spouse Dog Tags

Military's Wife Gifts Ideas

Present a military wife with military type dog tags that have the same or similar information provided on her husband’s dog tags. Enlisted military personnel receive a pair of dog tags with their identification information listed on them, these tags are generally worn around their necks on a chain.

Military's Wife Gifts Ideas

Any women will love special pampering gifts. Bath items, her favorite candy or a trip to a spa for a mani-pedi and a new hair style are sure to please. You could pay for a month’s worth of maid service to give her a break, or buy tickets to a concert or play she’s been wanted to see. This will be thoughtful military wife gift idea.

This is very unique and traditional military gifts. The swords Marines carry signify the Marine Corps’ heritage as America’s original protectors.

They are the oldest weapons still in service by United States Armed Forces and have been worn since 1859. At this time, the US Marine Corps is the only branch of the Armed Forces that authorizes its enlisted soldiers to carry a sword. In the Marine Corps the sword’s use is restricted by regulation to ceremonial occasions by Non-commissioned officers in command of troops.

Military Gifts - USMC Officers Sword

This display USMC Officers Sword set is hand crafted with American Walnut or American Oak wood. It is designed, cut, milled, assembled, and finished by a former active duty Marine.

Care is taken, from the initial selection of the hardwood, to the multiple coats of furniture grade lacquer, to deliver a piece of furniture you will be proud to display for as military gifts .

Military Gifts - USMC Officers Sword

USMC Officers Sword has a stainless steel etched blade with a foliage pattern and the words ‘UNITED STATES MARINES’ etched on both sides. The cross guard is gold plated and has an acorn design at both ends.

The grip is made of imitation ivory scimitar with two golden star rivets and a pierced recess for lanyard. The accompanying scabbard is plated with nickel silver and has gold plated fittings, with two rings and drag. Blade comes in one inch increments, 28 to 32 inches long.

USMC Officers Sword will be shining military gifts, you can image how brave and handsome your loved man, let’s choose the right USMC Officers Sword immediately.

Valentine’s Day is a day for people to share and show their love for another. For military couples, this day is a day of spent with their loved one or apart because of the mission.

It is different for those in the military family. For many, the day brings with it a bittersweet reminder that their loved ones are on the other side of the world, unable to embrace them or share a quiet moment together.

Employee Recognition Award

From a distance they celebrate the joy of the lucky ones – those who are together this year. Their only comfort comes from knowing that someday, soon enough, their loved ones will be home again too.

But you still make the CD with all the happy time about you and your children, then pack the CD, as the nice military valentine day gift, I think this will be perfect gift than others, for your husband/wife can enjoy the sunshine and happiness with you, just like he/she is here.

Music Box

The military life is one of sacrifice; not only for those in uniform, but for the thousands and thousands at home. Those who worry, listen for news, and pray for their safe return.

For military lover, every day is valentine’s day if they enjoy every time together, every day be filled with worry and wait without them, so if you are a military men and want to choose the Valentine gift for your wife/girlfriend, you can send your voice to them, they will have the comfortable feeling of you are always company them.

Valentine Day Flower

Flower is forever gift for every festival and Day need we remember. The colored flower also adds the warm flavor to military’s dorm. You know different flower, different meanings, choose right flowers for your new boyfriend/girlfriend, your loved husband/wife.

military gift

Male military personnel are known as “manly men.” They are the rough, tough, unflappable, unbeatable soldiers.

When it comes to a romantic, soft, feminine holiday such as Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to know what to get for your guy.

Whether your man is stationed far from home or comes home to you every night, special consideration should be given during gift-giving occasions for your military man.

Show your pride in his service, your support for his job or simply make his time away less painful by selecting a military gift to reflect his needs and interests.

Be sure to consider his lifestyle before selecting a gift to ship and plan ahead to make sure it arrives on his Valentine’s Day.

Serving in the military requires determination, endurance and dedication. On the Valentine’s Day, sending the right present reminds the soldier he is loved. It also lets him know that his work is appreciated. Ranging from homemade personalized items to store-brought items, a gift on Valentine’s Day can be designed to meet the needs of the soldier