Military Spouse Appreciation Day for Air Force Wife

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All the military spouse worry about their husbands who are taking part in Libya War while they know U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirits, F-15E Strike Eagles and F-16CJ Fighting Falcons launched during the early hours of March 20 in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn to enforce U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973. Especially the air force wife, Air force are the main force of the battle of Libya.

Air force wife can’t enjoy the coming Military Spouse Appreciation Day with peaceful emotion. What can we do to lessen their vexation? How to celebrate the Military Spouse Appreciation Day for the air force wife? The anti-war activity may be the hotspot during the special day.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day for Air Force Wife

Peace-loving military spouse dream of peace in every part of the world. We can encourage all the air force wives to write the anti-war letters to Major General Margaret Woodward who was in charge of the 17th Air Force, a unit that support humanitarian and peacekeeping missions in Africa, when she was ordered to set up the United Nations-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya.

Mobilize all the air force wives leading an anti-war protest during Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Put all the anti-war propaganda and views of air force wives in order and post them in kinds

Pay a pray for Air force with air force wives.

Air force wife anti-war speeches.

Customized an Air Force Plaque to remember this event. [Click here to see more DIY Military Plaques]

The USAF is a young Service when compared with the Army and Navy, but it has already established a great tradition.

But our great air force wives have always put themselves last and their husband first, that is just how it is sometimes as a military wife, whatever our air force wanted to do they supported 100% and they still do without any complaint.

All the military wives are brave and have strong will. But they also need the recognition and support from society, family and friends.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day for Army Wife

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Military spouses are honored with a Military Spouse Appreciation Day of recognition, if your friend or loved is an army wife, give her a happy military spouse appreciation day is great.

Army wife deserve to know how grateful the Army, their spouses and their country are for their support and devotion. The personal sacrifices military spouses must make a key component in helping the Army reach its readiness, retention and recruitment goals.

Many kinds of Military spouse appreciation day activities for army wife to show our support and appreciation:

  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day Ceremony – Military Spouse Appreciation Day is May 7, 11am-1pm at the PX. The ceremony starts at 11am with the cutting of the cake. This event will feature MWR discounts and flowers! The PX will have a drawing and door prizes.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day Night – Each military family spouse has a unique story and we want to show our appreciation by honoring their sacrifice, commitment and steadfast spirit.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day lunch – In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the Kadena Airman and Family Readiness Center hosts a lunch for all military spouses on Friday.
  • A Twitter Party to celebrate army wife and the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis.
  • Military Spouses Appreciation Events will begin on May3, and continue throughout the week, special offerings will include: Battle Bean Coffee Shop, Cascade Community Center, Bowl Arena Lanes, Eagles Pride Golf Course etc..

When she is married to an army man, the lifestyle can be challenging. Friends and family members of couples in the military can support the wife when her spouse goes on deployment by being available to help. Here are some small military spouse appreciation gifts for army wife can be wonderful support.

Spending more time supporting and appreciating our military spouses, no matter what they are, army wivesnavy wivesair force wives etc.

Mother’s Day for Military Spouse

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May is always special month for every military spouse, I think this month was is a time to reflect on how important they are to their family and the military.

Sometimes, military spouse almost wish that military spouse appreciation day and mother’s day were separated by a few months, we wish that military spouses and mothers would realize that critical role that they play not just one weekend a year.

Military wife should learn how to take care of themselves

  1. A busy lifestyle can mean family dinners are few and far between, so make mom an IOU to recommit to having more family meals. If dinner doesn’t work, make breakfast on weekends. Make it happen by cooking and freezing a few meals in advance.
  1. Moms want to grow vegetable and now is the time to be planting. But time isn’t on our side. Source the organic soil and the food-safe materials. Source the organic soil and the food-safe materials for the raised beds, drop some hints so she can unknowingly help pick the seeds before you plant, and make it happen. Really let your kids help; they’re great gardener’s helpers.
  1. Pack a picnic of Mom’s favorite sustainable goods and whisk her off to a local organic winery, take her on a hike, or hitch a ride on public transportation to a museum — all as a family.
  1. Pretty dianthus caryophyllus is a sophisticated green update on the classic Mother’s Day bouquet.
  1. Buy a foot tub for mom, let she enjoy a foot bath to facilitate the process of detoxification of the body by way of the feet.
  1. Enjoy the acupuncture treatment with mom.
  1. Physical Examination.
  1. Invite mom to enjoy movie.
  1. Choose some books what mom wants to read.
  1. New clothes with spring color for mom.

Military Wife, treat you to an organic bubble bath. You need a relaxing, soothing, and uplifting bubble bath that is made using all organic bath oils made with natural relaxing scents to them during Mother’s Day.

Military wife, let Yoga play important role in your life without your husband and be filled with pressure, loneliness or others. I make sure you begin doing yoga to benefit from the relaxation it brings about. True and complete relation is the end result of successful yoga practice.

Our lovely military wife, have you ever worry about your skin, you may have not good skin for impaired immunity, an unbalanced lifestyle, emotional distress, poor diet, indigestion and so on. Ok, why don’t ask acupuncture help you? Ask your friends to be babysitting then spend the special time enjoying the charming acupuncture treatment.

How long have you never spend time appreciating lilac bush in the spring since your husband had left you for deployment? Let your spring be filled with perfume, our lilac bush bloomed early this year, practically overnight! We went from winter to instant spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and this bush was covered with these beautiful fragrant purple and pink flowers.

Top Ten Traditional Gifts.

Don’t forgot to invite your mom share your springtime with all military family,

Yes, our military mom also play special role in military life.

Military moms with children stationed all over the world feel simultaneously proud of their children and worried for their safety. Many military moms display courage and fortitude under the stress and anxiety they face every day.

Therefore, as a daughter-in-law should find a Mother’s Day gift to make mom feels the warm and nice of spring. Here are some thoughtful gifts ideas may help our military wife show her love and concern for mom:

Spring Break Ideas for Military Family

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Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The flowers, the rain, the melting snow and the re-emerging animals makes Spring Break a time of rebirth and joy, this is also good time for military family to go out to change their style of life.

So good planning of Spring Break Travel is important for military family. There are many exciting spring break destinations in which to choose to take their spring break holiday. Here are some great choices for military family to spend your next destinations holiday:

1. The Bahamas: These islands, which are just off the coast of Florida, have great activities for people of all ages.

2. Park City, Utah: This is an excellent choice to escape the worries of school. Skiing is the main source of entertainment in this city, but there are also many other enjoyable events. You can snowboard; ride snowmobiles, or just take the family shopping. Park City caters to people during spring break, and they give great deals on lodging and entertainment.

3. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: March is the heaviest month for snow in Colorado, so there are plenty of opportunities for fun winter activities in Steamboat. You will love the tubing and sleigh rides. There is also a Gondola Adventure Zone trampoline that is awesome. This destination will give you a fabulous spring break.

4. Orlando, Florida: This popular city has everything you want when taking a destinations holiday. You can visit Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, or the Islands of Adventure. Orlando also has many luxurious hotels in which you can sit back and be pampered.

Spring Break Gift Ideas for Military Kids

Sometimes our military kids look outside their windows and see the snow piled up in mounds, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood plow. How wonderful the spring is, they seem hear the voice of tree’s growth, bird’s songs or the melting snow. Never let them always stay at home.

Plan a garden may not seem spectacular up front, but over time, your pastor’s kids will come to understand. Ask your children and military kids join in your activity; choose their favorite fruit, like strawberries, and strawberry plants to put in the dirt in the backyard.

If you have limited space, buy seeds for a smaller plant or a potted flower and have your children and military kids help care for it. Actively involve them in the digging, planting, sealing and watering of the plant.

Teach them that the work you put in now produces new and great things later. Hold your children to looking after the plant throughout the seasons.

Make a trip to military kids of the major league baseball spring training camps and see baseball played as it was before the advent of today’s mega-ballparks.

Spring Break Gift Ideas for Military Wife

  • Send the health care package to her.
  • Encouraging her to join Yoga class.
  • Invite military wife to enjoy the SPA Day.
  • Join in your spring activities.
  • Concert ticket during Spring Break
  • And the movie tickets for their family
  • Treat military wife to an Organic Bubble Bath.
  • To help them design new hair style.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Spring Break Gift Ideas for Military Parents

  • Purchase a perennial plant a nursery or home improvement store, along with a plain terra-cotta flower to hold the plant.
  • Purchase a pillow covered in camouflage fabric or flax-seed, lavender.
  • Give the military family the gift of a newspaper subscription from their hometown.
  • Gift basket with fresh fruit and nutritional foods.
  • Top Ten Traditional Gifts

Though our gift ideas are not very good, but we just hope military families benefit from gifts that help our military deal with homesickness and deployments.

How to Show Support for Military Spouse

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As military spouse, they are the cornerstones of support for their husband and families. They are responsible for providing continuity and stability on the home front. They go through a lot. Sometimes they need our recognition and support but how to show support for them while they are tired of being alone.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a Reminder to Community to Support Military Families

In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This is the time to recognize military spouses for all they do to support their husbands or wives who serve with one of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We know ordinary citizens are often willing to help, but don’t know how to start. Some of the gift ideas are worth thinking about when you have no good gift ideas for military spouse.

Top Ten Spiritual Gift Ideas

  1. Chicken Soup for the Military Wife – There are a ton of books out there with military essays all about being a military wife. Find one, wrap it up and hand it to her. Such as the chicken soup for the military wife’s soul, stories to touch the heart and rekindle the spirit
  2. Military Spouse Club-Ask your friends who are the military spouses join in the military spouse club that can help them ease the pain of military separations.
  3. Share more information related how to educated children with military wife to help them have the feeling of easy on their kids’ education.
  4. Photo Album – Whether or not her spouse is deployed at the moment, she has a lot of work she has to get done and not a lot of time for scrapbook making and photo albums.
  5. Book – Military spouses face more worries, concerns and troubles than their married civilian friends. Give them good suggestion of books that provide valuable insight into this challenging lifestyle and practical tips for coping emotionally and realistically with times of separation during deployments.
  6. Invite them to enjoy a concert.
  7. To help them to plan their dream.
  8. Hobby gifts – Select a gift based on a hobby she has not been able to do since her husband left for service and she’s been busy with the children, work or both.
  9. Praying our military with military spouse.
  10. Arrange a trip for military family and help them record their DVD related their activities as memento.

Top Seven Practical Gift Ideas

  1. Military Spouse Medal– Medal is not just belongs to military, but also to military spouse, for their service, their strong willing, their special love and unique responsibility.
  2. Donations – Make a donation in the spouse’s name to a military charity. There are literally hundreds of different military charities to choose from. Pick one that you know is near and dear to the spouse’s heart, such as a charity focusing on children of parents lost in service to their country, disabled soldiers, etc.
  3. Send appropriate festival gifts for them on every festival day.
  4. Military spouse Care Package.
  5. Military Spouse Ring – Buy a ring with engraved her name for the wife who lets her husband go to another country for an extended period of time. This is a nice gift that you can start with a praying hands charm and then she or her husband can add to every time he goes some place new.
  6. Send her a Yoga Cards – Send a Yoga card to military wife, let them receive the benefits of yoga such as increased flexibility, improved mental focus, and efficient breathing all in a “Gentle”.
  7. Day Spa Gift Certificate – Let her recline in a chair and get painted, pampered and massaged for a day. Military bases often have on-site health clinics, spas and beauty parlors, but getting outside the base might be a more relaxing option.


Do not underestimate the value of help. If your military spouse has children, offer to babysit or take the kids to the park so he or she can get some things done around the house.

If you live close to them offer to grab something at the store when you are already going. Go over and spend time visiting. Help her clean the house.

These may not seem like gifts in the truest sense of the word, but they are gifts just the same and your military spouse friend will greatly appreciate the time and effort you give.