Flag Day Poems

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Flag Day will be celebrated by many families throughout the United States. Many patriotic people or poet show their love for Flag, appreciation and support for military by many kinds of patriotic poems, such as the Flag Day Poems:

Our Flag Flies High

By Joanna Fuchs

The U.S. flag is a symbol

Of what Americans treasure;

It represents the values

We cherish beyond measure.

Our flag flies high for freedom,

For legal equality,

For Constitutional rights,

And justice for you and me.

Our flag flies high for bravery,

The courage it takes to fight

And even give our lives

For what we know is right.

Our flag flies high for compassion;

We quickly help those in need;

When there’s a need for service,

Americans take the lead.

The American flag is an icon,

Representing the American way;

Our hearts swell with emotion,

When we see it ripple and sway.

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Show the Flag

Show the flag and let it wave

As a symbol of the brave;

Let it float upon the breeze

As a sign for each who sees

That beneath it, where it rides,

Loyalty to-day abides.

Show the flag that all may see

That you serve humanity.

Let it whisper to the breezes

That comes singing through the trees

That whatever storms descend

You’ll be faithful to the end.

Show the flag and let it fly,

Cheering every passer-by.

Men that may have stepped aside,

May have lost their old-time pride,

May behold it there, and then,

Consecrate themselves again.

Call Me Old Glory

Call me Old Glory,

Or Stars and Stripes.

This Star Spangled Banner

Must flow all night.

I must fly high amongst the hillside,

Low amongst the grass

Touching every heart string,

Without hitting the grounds I pass.

I must feel the breeze

Go through me

Go around

Up and below,

Feel the freedom I stand for,

To channel it below.

I must hear the calls for freedom

Wipe the tears that flow,

Strengthen the badges of courage

Of those men and women we know,

Who fight for right and justice

Who toil for honors sake

Who represent this flag

For this United States.

A Forgotten Flag

I saw a flag the wind had tattered

No one to care or think it mattered!

Wind torn and faded stripes were flapping

Pale stars upon dim blue were napping!

I wondered if a bugle blowing,

Would rouse our country to bestowing…

Upon our flag more true devotion;

And stir our hearts with real emotion!

Forgotten there, so bravely flying

A symbol worn, but never dying!

A challenge! To a nation sleeping

A loyal sentry, Watch is keeping!

I Am the Flag

I am the flag of the United States of America.

My name is Old Glory.

I fly atop the world’s tallest buildings.

I stand watch in America’s halls of justice.

I fly majestically over institutions of learning.

I stand guard with power in the world.

Look up and see me.

I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice.

I stand for freedom.

I am confident.

I am arrogant.

I am proud.

Memorial Day Poems

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Many a patriotic poet has penned Memorial Day poems to honor these brave souls. Patriotic poetry can refer what’s happening right now. The following patriotic verse for Memorial Day is geared to that.

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Our Flag

Mary Howliston

There are many flags in many lands,

There are flags of every hue;

But there is no flag, however grand,

Like our own Red, White, and Blue.

A National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day

Del Abe Jones

That poem about where “poppies blow”

And, “the crosses, row on row”

Still rings true, these ninety years

After written, still brings tears.

We still have Dead, “amid the guns”

And lose our young and our loved ones

Those who lived, “short days ago”

Who, “felt dawn, saw sunset glow”.

In Flanders Fields, “the poppy red”

Still grow near where the blood was bled

They, “Take up our quarrel with the foe”

And still die for Freedoms that we know.

They pass, “The torch” to, “hold it high”

And not, “break the faith with us who die”

For they, “shall not sleep, though poppies grow”

Beneath all those, “crosses, row on row”

In Flanders Fields.


Clara Smith Reber

Freedom is a breath of air,

Pine-scented, or salty like the sea;

Freedom is a field new-plowed…

Furrows of democracy!

Freedom is a forest,

Trees tall and straight as men.

Freedom is a printing press…

The power of the pen!

Freedom is a country church,

A cathedral’s stately spire;

Freedom is a spirit

That can set the soul on fire!

Freedom is man’s birthright,

A sacred, living rampart;

The pulsebeat of humanity…

The throb of a nation’s heart!

Invisible Soldier

Sarge Lintecum

You can tell her by the twinkle in her eye,

At parades when the flag marches by.

She served our country and she served it very well.

Some have even served a tour or two in Hell.

She suffered hardship and never ceased to care.

It gave us strength just to know that she was there.

She was a leader, you could tell by the rank she wore,

But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

She can march, she can fly, and she can sail.

She proved that bravery isn’t exclusive of the male.

She did every job she was asked and more,

But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

Now, it is finally time to right a wrong.

Honor our sister soldier; hear her song.

It’s very clear that she’s a patriot to the core.

Don’t let her be the invisible soldier anymore.

The Blue and The Gray

By Unknown

“Our Father, who art in heaven;”

How one wore the gray and the other the blue,

How they passed away from sight

And had gone to the land where gray and blue

Merge in tints of celestial light.

And she answered her darling with golden hair,

While her heart was sorely wrung

With thoughts awakened in that sad hour

By her innocent, prattling tongue;

“The blue and the gray are the colors of God;

They are seen in the sky at even,

And many a noble, gallant soul

Has found them passports to heaven.”

Military Spouse Appreciation Poems

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Let’s use simply but meaningful poems to thank our great military spouse for all she does for military family and country.

Proud Mom

Author Unknown

As a Mom, of a son

in the National Guard

Mixed feelings are with me

and make my days hard

You raise up your child

and protect them each day

But they grow up too soon

and from home go away

We teach them the basics

the wrongs and the right

So I never expected

that soon he would fight

When I say that he fights

I don’t mean with just fist

But fights for our freedom

with the Guard he’d enlist

With a promise to us

he vowed to defend

Our country, America

to make terrorism end

So, now in a land

far away called Iraq

I pray Lord, please watch him

and bring my son back

My Prayer for You

Dear Lord, Thank you for our soldiers, that are so dear.

That surrenders as our servants, to protect this land over here

Give them courage, strength, and a clear and sound mind.

Let them know you are listening, even when they feel alone.

May they always remember their families really are near.

For their family’s prayers are constant; every morning and night.

GOD, I pray you will walk with these soldiers, every single day, and every single night.

Where ever they may roam.

And Lord, Please be with them, and bring them back home.

My Mom is Solider

My Mom is Soldier

My mother is Soldier,

When I was young boy

She always told me

I glow in uniform

I have such precious thoughts cascade

Some old, some new, not one will fade

How hard that day we said good-bye

The joy, the pain, etched in my eye

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The Soldier

It is the soldier, not the reporter,

who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,

who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,

who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

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The Silent Ranks

Author Unknown

I wear no uniforms, no blues or army greens

But I am in the Army in the ranks rarely seen

I have no rank upon my shoulders – salutes I do not give

But the military world is the place where I live

I’m not in the chain of command, orders I do not get

But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget

I’m not the one who fires the weapon, who puts my life on the line

But my job is just as tough. I’m the one that’s left behind

My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man

And the call to serve his country not all can understand

Behind the lines I see the things needed to keep this country free

My husband makes the sacrifice, but so do our kids and me

I love the man I married, Soldiering is his life

But I stand among the silent ranks known as the Army Wife

military poem

Peace, my heart, let the time for the parting be sweet

Let it not be a death but completeness

Let love melt into memory and pain into songs

Let the flight through the sky end in the folding of the wings over the nest

Let the last touch of your hands be gentle like the flower of the night

Stand still, O Beautiful End, for a moment, and say your last words in silence

I bow you and hold up my lamp to light you on your way

military poem

The stars wing down the western steep,

And soon the east will burn with day,

And we shall struggle up from sleep

And sling our packs and march away.

Military Poem

In this brief hour before the dawn

Has struck our bivouac with flame

I think of men whose brows have borne

The iron wreath of deadly fame.

Military Poem

I see the fatal phalanx creep,

Like death across the world and back,

With eyes that only strive to keep

Bucephalus’ immortal track.

I see the legion wheel through Gaul,

The sword and flame on hearth and home,

And all the men who had to fall

That Caesar might be first in Rome.

Military Poem

I see the horde of Genghis Khan

Spread outward like the dawn of day

To trample golden Khorassan

And thunder over fair Cathay.

Military Poem

I see the grizzled grenadier,

The dark dragoon, the gay hussar,

Whose shoulders bore for many a year

Their little emperor’s blazing star.

I see these things, still am I slave

When banners flaunt and bugles blow,

Content to fill a soldier’s grave

For reasons I shall never know.