Father’s Day for Military

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2011 and while all fathers are recognized on this special day for their ability to balance family, home, and work, today we send a special salute to fathers who also serve in the American Forces.

What Father’s Day means to military? With work hours and locations as far from normal as you can get, these members still manage to balance family life and an extremely challenging career.

1. They can’t enjoy this holiday with their kids

It is not easy to be in the military, especially during the special day when you have children you must leave behind at home, though your children are pretty good about understanding everything, they know your career is so special that they can’t help your celebrate the Father’s Day for you.

Our military still want to strain their children to their heart with deep love, they will tell little kids, they are the best Father’s Day gifts.

2. They can’t say” I love You, Father!” in the face of their father.

Our military also play three roles in their life, son, husband and father. During this especial day, he can’t say “I love you! Father!” in front of their father. Being military parents take a great deal of strength, courage and faith. It isn’t easy not seeing your son or daughter very often, and it’s especially difficult to be the mom of a son or daughter who is deployed overseas.

3. They feel sorry for their kids and family

Children will inevitably feel the sting of a military deployment on the Father’s Day, our military fathers also feel very sorry for them. All the military children have no enough time enjoy their Father’s love.

How to help military celebrate Father’s Day

Families take their dad out to dinner, let him watch TV all day, and give their dad a special card to let him know how much they love him. When you come from a military family, however, you may have to come up with creative ways to honor your father. What have some military families done to mark Father’s Day during a time when Dear Old Dad was deployed?

Send card with Military Father

You can imagine, on Father’s Day, one military father would open cards sent by his wife and signed by the children when they were old enough to write, how warm and happy!

Record Dad’s Story for Father’s Day

Do you think it is special Father’s Day gift ideas that record your family history; you can start with Dad’s story on Father’s Day.

DIY Father’s Day Theme Crystal Plaque for Military Father

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Father’s Day Activities

Since it’s summertime, if your military father is enjoying their holiday at home, this is very perfect and lucky, why not take the party to the backyard? Get out the grill and start serving up some of dad’s favorite foods.

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