Memorial Day Poems

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Many a patriotic poet has penned Memorial Day poems to honor these brave souls. Patriotic poetry can refer what’s happening right now. The following patriotic verse for Memorial Day is geared to that.

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Our Flag

Mary Howliston

There are many flags in many lands,

There are flags of every hue;

But there is no flag, however grand,

Like our own Red, White, and Blue.

A National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day

Del Abe Jones

That poem about where “poppies blow”

And, “the crosses, row on row”

Still rings true, these ninety years

After written, still brings tears.

We still have Dead, “amid the guns”

And lose our young and our loved ones

Those who lived, “short days ago”

Who, “felt dawn, saw sunset glow”.

In Flanders Fields, “the poppy red”

Still grow near where the blood was bled

They, “Take up our quarrel with the foe”

And still die for Freedoms that we know.

They pass, “The torch” to, “hold it high”

And not, “break the faith with us who die”

For they, “shall not sleep, though poppies grow”

Beneath all those, “crosses, row on row”

In Flanders Fields.


Clara Smith Reber

Freedom is a breath of air,

Pine-scented, or salty like the sea;

Freedom is a field new-plowed…

Furrows of democracy!

Freedom is a forest,

Trees tall and straight as men.

Freedom is a printing press…

The power of the pen!

Freedom is a country church,

A cathedral’s stately spire;

Freedom is a spirit

That can set the soul on fire!

Freedom is man’s birthright,

A sacred, living rampart;

The pulsebeat of humanity…

The throb of a nation’s heart!

Invisible Soldier

Sarge Lintecum

You can tell her by the twinkle in her eye,

At parades when the flag marches by.

She served our country and she served it very well.

Some have even served a tour or two in Hell.

She suffered hardship and never ceased to care.

It gave us strength just to know that she was there.

She was a leader, you could tell by the rank she wore,

But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

She can march, she can fly, and she can sail.

She proved that bravery isn’t exclusive of the male.

She did every job she was asked and more,

But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

Now, it is finally time to right a wrong.

Honor our sister soldier; hear her song.

It’s very clear that she’s a patriot to the core.

Don’t let her be the invisible soldier anymore.

The Blue and The Gray

By Unknown

“Our Father, who art in heaven;”

How one wore the gray and the other the blue,

How they passed away from sight

And had gone to the land where gray and blue

Merge in tints of celestial light.

And she answered her darling with golden hair,

While her heart was sorely wrung

With thoughts awakened in that sad hour

By her innocent, prattling tongue;

“The blue and the gray are the colors of God;

They are seen in the sky at even,

And many a noble, gallant soul

Has found them passports to heaven.”

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