Military Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas

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Our deployed friends, relatives or loved can’t attend every Thanksgiving party for they are overseas in the military, but they can share the happiness of Thanksgiving while they receive our thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts. Are you ready for military Thanksgiving gifts ideas?

When you are thinking about what types of Thanksgiving gifts to send to your soldier, one point to consider is that you are sending more than a gift, you are essentially sending him or her the Thanksgiving holiday itself.

Here are thoughtful tips for military Thanksgiving gifts may help you choose appropriate and unique Thanksgiving gifts.

  • Regardless of how well military personnel get along with their co-workers, and whatever celebrations they have decided upon, the packages they receive “from home” is what really makes the holiday.
  • If your family includes young children, let them use their creative abilities for this project. Personalized Thanksgiving gifts from kids will be great surprise and comfort.
  • Food is one of the most important ingredients for a holiday gift basket.

Thanksgiving Care Package Ideas

Designing and preparing the military Thanksgiving care package does not require special culinary skills, but this is traditional and perfect military gift choice, you can begin to decide what to include in the Thanksgiving care package by thinking of items that will help him or her feel like a “connected” part of the family holiday. Some ideas are photographs of previous family Thanksgivings, and tape-recordings with special messages to him or her from family members.

Don’t forget to put homemade Thanksgiving cards from children into the care package. If your kids are too young to make this card, you can teach them to make the footprint/handprint cards. How to make this card? It is easy, cut a piece of cardstock in half and then fold in half. Rub the baby’s hand or foot in ink or paint and press onto the cardstock.

Prepare a few Thanksgiving decorations to get the soldier in the holiday spirits. Send paper plates, napkins and cups with a Thanksgiving theme such as fall leaves, pilgrims or a cornucopia.

To make your deployed loved one really feel like he’s celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with his family, make a Thanksgiving video. Place a video recorder where your loved one usually sits at the dining room table. Invite friends and family over, cook the traditional meals and record the event. When the soldier sits down to eat his canned turkey, he can watch the video and feel like he’s celebrating with his family.

For a soldier you love, nothing beats notes and pictures that remind both of you of your relationship. Send a package of notes, to be opened one per day, that have little reminders of how much you love your solder.




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