Military Spouse Gifts Ideas

Presenting gifts to a  military wife can commemorate the years of support and service that our military spouse has done for military family while her husband was deployed. A military spouse‘s job is hard work. It takes a lot of patience and courage to take on the job and sacrifice of a military spouse. Gift giving […]

Military Gifts – USMC Officers Sword

This is very unique and traditional military gifts. The swords Marines carry signify the Marine Corps’ heritage as America’s original protectors. They are the oldest weapons still in service by United States Armed Forces and have been worn since 1859. At this time, the US Marine Corps is the only branch of the Armed Forces […]

Valentine Day Gifts & Military Gifts II

Valentine’s Day is a day for people to share and show their love for another. For military couples, this day is a day of spent with their loved one or apart because of the mission. It is different for those in the military family. For many, the day brings with it a bittersweet reminder that […]

Valentine Gift Ideas & Military Gifts I

Male military personnel are known as “manly men.” They are the rough, tough, unflappable, unbeatable soldiers. When it comes to a romantic, soft, feminine holiday such as Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to know what to get for your guy. Whether your man is stationed far from home or comes home to you every […]