Army Prayer Gifts Ideas

A prayer for our troops is also good way to show our appreciation and care to soldiers. Payer for some of the tough military experiences like deployment, frequent moves and separation from family and friends can be enough to strengthen a soldier’s will. When it comes to selecting an inspirational prayer gift you have a […]

Army National Guard Appreciation Gift

Army National Guard men and women provided 43% of the United Stated forces in Iraq and over half of our forces in Afghanistan. These skilled and well trained men and women are an essential part of our national safety. These Army National Guard members are quite proud of their service to their country and so […]

Army Graduation Gifts Ideas

It is time to celebrate that your friends, son, loved one for the U.S Army completes his or her education and basic training. You must want to prepare a special graduation gift shows how proud you are of her/his accomplishments and that you support her future endeavors, regardless of where the military may take her. […]

Army Enlistment Gifts

Army enlistment gifts are a great way to show your approval and encouragement for a friend or family member who just join the U.S. Army. There are plenty of ways to honor the enlistment of your loved one. And your personalized enlistment gift is heartwarming and touches their heart. Practical Gifts help Soldiers Enjoy Their […]

Army Creed Gifts

Each enlisted personnel of U.S. Army must learn the U.S. Soldier’s Creed as they are trained to become a soldier in US Army. They need to keep it in mind and try to stick to the creed during their whole military career. The creed is recited at the end of the training publicly in the […]