Enlistment Gifts

Military enlistment gifts are a great way to show your approval and encouragement for a friend or family member who just join the U.S. Armed Forces. There are plenty of ways to honor the enlistment of your loved one. And your personalized enlistment gift is heartwarming and touches their heart.

Practical Gifts help Soldiers Enjoy Their New Military Life

It will be exciting time while your loved one start the new life of military branch. They may need something to help them pass through those sentimental days when they can’t adapt themselves to military life.

Give the serviceman something practical that he/she will be able to use. Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps service has its own rules regarding what is allowed and what isn’t, so only send things he/she can keep.

The care package will be thoughtful enlistment gift; you are improving morale and showing much needed support, while also giving soldiers a few small comforts and reminders from home. Sending letters, photos, snacks and goodies reminds soldiers that their loved ones are thinking of them while they are far from home.

A digital camera allows him to take pictures of his journey and share them with you when he returns. Prepaid calling cards or debit cards are ideal; as they are small and can help him get the things he’ll need or make phone calls during his trip.

Books Improve Soldiers’ Spiritual Life

Sending books over to our troops is a great way to help support and reach out to them while they are serving our country. Your loved one will work long hours, and stay awake for extended periods. Books provide entertainment when they can’t sleep.

Engraved Military Plaque as Enlistment Souvenir

The sparkling crystal plaque engraved with military enlistment is a traditional soldier enlistment memorable gifts. It is a unique way to proudly display the enlistment of the United States Armed Forces.

Each of the Military enlistment plaque can also be individualize with your personal messages such as the soldier’s name, his enlistment date, the branch and unit he/she serves in and the Military crest and badge, engraved your encouragement wording will be wonderful and meaningful.