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Military Wife Poems

Writing an appreciation poem for military wife may be perfect way to express our appreciation and concern. There is nothing more valuable than a few words of gratitude that can make military wives feel that they have done a worthwhile job.

What’s Military Spouse’s Role?

Maybe it was his courage and patriotism,
Maybe it was that strong self-confidence he radiated
Or maybe it was how he looked in uniform
Whichever factor
Or combination of factors appealed to them most,
They have decided to throw in their lot with a military man
This is our lovely military spouse

Military spouse – the hardest job in the military. For most military spouses, they found separation during deployments was more difficult than they anticipated.

But they still keep their love and support for deployed husband, the feeling of loneliness, depression, helpless can’t defeat them for they know happiness and peace of military family is depending on steady marriage and their husbands are great heroes in their eyes. We want to tell them that they are also our country’s heroes.

You Are Also Hero

 You are also hero
You know that don’t you?
You are so brave
And strong of Character
We admire everything about you
Especially you told us
“What’s Military Wife’s Role?”
Waiting, it is what you do.
Intrepid, it is what you are.
Faithful, which you remain.
Eternal, is your love.
Now, I appreciate you are hero
Who can contradict it?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day gives us an opportunity to say thanks to the great wives. military spouse marriages are so special that have to deal with separations and other stresses more often than civilian marriages.

Silent Patriot

A woman for all seasons
A woman for today.
She grows to meet the challenges
And grows along the way.
Her life is not an easy one
With many loads to bear.
But she proudly serves her husband
And the uniform he wears.
Throughout the years, she marches on
Through tears and joy and strife.
She’s America’s unsung hero-
She’s a military wife.

Annual Valentine’s Day is special and hard time for every military wife, but they are also interested in writing romantic and inspiriting deployment love poems to their deployed loved one to show your love and heart. They can’t miss any chance to show their support and love. Here a funny Valentines Day poem for a Army wife from her deployed husband, the appreciation and love from this poem show me the unique love which is hard but funny, sentimental but happiness.

A military wife is mostly girl – though there are times when her husband is away and she is mowing the lawn that she begins to think that she is also a “boy.” She usually comes in three sizes: petite, plump, and pregnant. During the early years of her marriage it is often hard to determine which size is her normal one.

She is sentimental, carrying her memories with her in an old footlocker. She often cries at parades without knowing why. She is a dreamer – “We’ll never move again.” She is an optimist – “The next place will be better.” She is a realist – “Oh, well, as long as we’re together.” You might say she’s a bigamist, sharing her husband with a demanding other entity called “DUTY.” When duty calls, she becomes the #2 wife – and until she accepts this fact her life can be miserable.

This is my wife, Happy Valentines Day, my love!

Our military wife, inspire deployed husband with their courage strength, and deep devotion to our country. They endure the challenges of multiple deployments and moves, spend holidays and life milestones apart. So write an appreciation poem to our hero:

Have I told you recently how much I admire you?
You are capable of things I know I could never endure. . .
You deal with situations that I don’t think I could face,
And still, you worry more about everyone else,
And how they will hold up through these rough times,
Knowing that you will pull through no matter what.
Do your enemies know what they are facing?
If only they knew you are a formidable foe. . .
You would have them running away to hide,
And still, you would seek out those people,
The ones who want to make the world cringe,
Knowing that you must do so to protect those you love.

Military Appreciation Poems

Military Prayer Poems

Prayer for Our Military

O Prince of Peace, 
We humbly ask your protection for all our men and women in military service.
Give them unflinching courage to defend with 
Honor, dignity and devotion 
The rights of all who are imperiled by injustice and evil. 
Guard our churches, our homes,
Our schools, our hospitals, our factories, our buildings, 
And all those within from harm and peril. 
Protect our land and its people
From enemies within and without. 
Grant an early peace with victory
Founded upon justice. 
Instill in the hearts and minds of me and
Women everywhere a firm purpose to live forever in peace and
Good will towards all. Amen.

God Bless Our Soldiers

A world of Peace where it’s safe to be,
A world in Harmony would be a world victory
God Bless the day when, when nations won’t need your might.
God Bless the day when, when you no longer must fight.
God Bless our soldiers who fight for Freedom and Peace and Justice.
Our Soldiers who put their lives on the line,
Brave Soldiers
So many Soldiers who sacrifice for mankind.

Pray for the Soldiers

Our that day there were thousands on the mall, in Washington DC.
Some were standing silently
Others waved their flags
The band played
“The star spangled banner”
The crowd sang 
“God Bless the USA”
When the president stepped up on the platform, he said…
Please join me as we bow our heads to pray
My fellow Americans,
We are gathered here
Cause we have soldiers who are fighting over there.
We ask the Lord to give them his protection
That they would feel the very presence of God above
Father send your angels to guard each one…
With your power, your wisdom, your love.

Please Bless Our Deployed Soldiers

Look, God, I have never spoken to you before
But now I want to say:
“Please bless our deployed soldiers!”
You called Abraham and Sarah to leave their homeland
And to journey away from their own went.
I have never spoken to you before
But now I want to ask you to 
Protect our children, our husbands and wives,
Our mothers and fathers, and our friends and loved ones
Who now must leave to fight in this war.

A Soldier’s Prayer Poem

Lord, I ask for courage.
Courage to face and
Conquer my own fears…
Courage to take me where
Others will not go.

I ask for strength…
Strength of body to protect others…
Strength of spirit to lead others.
I ask for dedication…


A Marine’s Prayer Poem

Almighty Father,
whose command is over all
and whose love never fails,
make me aware of Thy presence
and obedient to Thy will.
Keep me true to my best self,
guarding me against dishonesty
in purpose and deed
and helping me to live so that I can face
my fellow Marines, my loved ones, and Thee


A Sailor’s Prayer Poem

Dear Lord, I’m just a sailor
A protector of our land.
A servant called to battle
When my country takes a stand.
I pray for strength and courage
And a heart that will forgive.
For peace and understanding
In a world for all to live.


An Airman’s Prayer Poem

Lord guard and guide the men who fly,
Through the great spaces of the sky,
Be with them traversing the air,
In darkening storms and sunshine fair.

Thou who dost keep with tender might
The balanced birds in all their flight,


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Military Deployment Poems

Deployment poems have the power to change soldiers’ minds, encourage them, support them, show appreciation and love to them.

Military deployments are not easy for most military spouses, their friends, and their families. It’s hard to be separated for months on end and for family and friends, not knowing that your loved one is safe can be heart wrenching. Just like this deployment poem says:

It is the Soldier

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier, not the lawyer,
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves under the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.

Deployment Love Poems from Military Spouse

As a woman who has had her husband deployed for a year or more, you can witness firsthand how hard it is. You don’t relay realize just how tough it is until you experience it for yourself.

This military spouse was alone, her husband was deployed, and when her child was born, she wondered why he had to be so far away when she needed him so much. Every holiday, she feels that she must be an actress, so she tells her children, “Let’s enjoy the nice time; we are going to have such great fun.” She prepares a deployment care package carefully and sends her love and support to her deployed loved one with a special care package.

Deployment Prayer

Dear Lord:
Give me the strength to say goodbye. Hold back the tear in my eye.
Cure my insomnia so that I may sleep alone. Give me a reason to awake when I’ve none.
Dear Lord:
Please help me pace myself. Allow me to turn to you for help,
And please let me be strong for him, Even if I’ve reached the brim.
Dear Lord:
Please make time go fast. I don’t know how long I can last.
This is the hardest time of my life, But this is my job: the soldier’s wife.
Dear Lord:
Let them all stay strong. Give them the will to go on,
And Lord, Please bring back all our men. In the name of our country. Amen.

Inspiring Deployment Poem from Elderly Parents

As parents, one of our greatest worries is how to keep our children safe. Even when they’ve grown up, that worry never really disappears, especially for every soldier’s parents when they face a danger so serious they can’t offer any protection. When they son or daughter, enlisted in the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marines and deployed to Iraq, they were surprised to find out how strong those worries were.

However, they kept their worries to themselves until the day their son or daughter was leaving, they show their pride for what their child has done for country, they use inspirational deployment poems to show their special love and support for deployed son or daughter overseas.

My Son, My Hero

My child is leaving for Iraq today.
He asks me for solace, comfort and love,
I ask for strength and courage from my Father above,
He’s my hero, but he’s my baby, too.
Taking his life into his hands while protecting me and you.
Those who think we shouldn’t be there, I’ve got this to say to you:
He’s a hero, and though you don’t deserve it, he will fight and might die for you.

Unique Military Deployment Poem from Kids Whose Dad or Mom is Deployed

What about special kid whose dad or mom was deployed? Judith’s father, a Navy pilot, is leaving for a six-month deployment on an aircraft carrier. Each day he is gone, she removes one link from the paper chain her made for her, so that she can mark the days until his return. Yes, this is life of military kids.

My Daddy is a Soldier

My daddy is a soldier
He’s often gone away
to some far off country
where he has to stay.
I really miss my daddy
and I’m not sure what he does
except he helps other people
who need him very much.
At night when I say my prayers
I ask to keep daddy safe
so that he can come home to us
and sit in his favorite place.

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Valentines Day Poems for Deployed Soldiers

Do you want to write romantic and inspiring deployment love poems to your deployed loved one to show your love and heart?

Far from family and friends, these dedicate men and women have limited access to the everyday comforts of being back home. Writing a sincere deployment poem on romantic and sentimental love-themed military gift is your chance to show your support and make Valentine’s Day gift difference!

Here are my top 5 love poems that you might find useful to help you celebrate special Valentines Day for your deployed loved one.

On days like today
When the sky is gray
And my mood is gloomy
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer
I curl up in your shirt
Take out our pictures
And loose myself in the memories
The laughter and the love
Bring a small to my face
And for that time everything is okay
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer

I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
I focus on the end
And not on the now
I slowly open my eyes
And look straight forward
My eyes strain to see
Looking for that light
With a sad sigh
I turn away
That light seems so dim today
So far out of reach
Its so hard at times
Sometimes I feel so alone
All I want is you
To come home

It’s love,
Our special love,
Deployed love
Reaches across oceans
Connects heart that are worlds apart

When you feel left behind on the Valentines Day
And like no one really cares
I’ll be here
My love be here
When you are scared on the Valentines Day
And worried about what’s to come
I’ll be here
My love be here

This is special Valentines Day without Valentines
As the sun goes down
These feelings are abound
My heart grows heavy
My sighs draw out
Tears threaten from eyes to fall
But I’ll be here
I’m missing you

Military Appreciation Poems

Christmas Poems for Soldiers

Express your gratitude, love and blessing for our deployed soldiers with our Christmas poems is personalized and romantic.

Compare the practice military Christmas care package, inspirational and love military verses will be sentimental spiritual gifts. Heartfelt and sincere soldier poems are improving morale and showing much needed support while also giving deployed soldiers overseas a few small comforts and reminders from family, wife, kids and senior parents.

Below are a few Christmas military poems from military spouse, kids and parents for you to browse through that you can include in your Christmas note or care package.

Love Christmas Poems for Deployed Husband

Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,

Transforming the yard to a winter delight.

The sparkling lights in the tree, I believe,

Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.

But you can’t share this with us, my deployed hero.

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,

I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.

Our daughter was asleep, her head in my arms.

But without you, my deployed hero.

One little star on the top of our Christmas tree,

Two little presents underneath for you,

Three silver ropes twisted around Our Christmas tree,

Four Colored lights shining prettily

Five shinning balls flowing silvery

Oh, what a sight for use to see!

But you just image it, my deployed hero.

Military Christmas Poems for Deployed Father from Kids

Day by day I float my paper boats one by one down the running stream.

In big black letters I write father’s name on them and the blessing of special Christmas without father.

I load my little boats with Poinsettia from our garden,

And hope that these blooms of the dawn will be carried safety to land of you-father in the night

Inspirational Military Poems for Christmas from Parents of Deployed Soldiers

Son, must you go?

The night is still and the darkness swoons upon the forest.

The lamps are bright in our balcony, the flowers all fresh, and the youthful eyes still awake.

An unbelieving smile flits on your eyes when I come to you to take my leave.

It highlights the little star on the top of the Christmas,

For the spring days come again time after time;

The full moon takes leave and comes on another visit,

The Poinsettia come again and blushes upon their branches year after year,

And it is likely that I take my leave only to come to you again.

My dear son!