Military Wife Poems

Writing an appreciation poem for military wife may be perfect way to express our appreciation and concern. There is nothing more valuable than a few words of gratitude that can make military wives feel that they have done a worthwhile job. What’s Military Spouse’s Role? Maybe it was his courage and patriotism, Maybe it was […]

Military Prayer Poems

Prayer for Our Military O Prince of Peace,  We humbly ask your protection for all our men and women in military service. Give them unflinching courage to defend with  Honor, dignity and devotion  The rights of all who are imperiled by injustice and evil.  Guard our churches, our homes, Our schools, our hospitals, our factories, […]

Military Deployment Poems

Deployment poems have the power to change soldiers’ minds, encourage them, support them, show appreciation and love to them. Military deployments are not easy for most military spouses, their friends, and their families. It’s hard to be separated for months on end and for family and friends, not knowing that your loved one is safe […]

Valentines Day Poems for Deployed Soldiers

Do you want to write romantic and inspiring deployment love poems to your deployed loved one to show your love and heart? Far from family and friends, these dedicate men and women have limited access to the everyday comforts of being back home. Writing a sincere deployment poem on romantic and sentimental love-themed military gift is […]

Christmas Poems for Soldiers

Express your gratitude, love and blessing for our deployed soldiers with our Christmas poems is personalized and romantic. Compare the practice military Christmas care package, inspirational and love military verses will be sentimental spiritual gifts. Heartfelt and sincere soldier poems are improving morale and showing much needed support while also giving deployed soldiers overseas a […]