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Christmas Care Packages for Deployed Soldiers

Your loved one who’s ever been away from home for long periods of time can relate to the excitement and joy of receiving a Christmas care package. Your thoughtful Christmas care package can raise the morale of your deployed soldier. You deployed loved one will overhear a few people saying it felt like Christmas all over again when you receive your great Christmas care package.

Do you have good Christmas care packages ideas to help soldiers overseas while away from home as well as families who are looking for fun care package ideas for their friends and family in the military?

Nothing warms a soldier’s heart more, of course, than to receive a Christmas gift from home. Whether it’s a letter or a small gift, just the simple act of jotting a note that says “I love you” brings a piece of family to an otherwise lonely place. But you should consider something when you prepare the special Christmas presents for your loved one deployed overseas.

Prepare a Christmas Care Package for a Deployed Soldier?

What are the best military Christmas gifts should you choose? First, since you can’t really send much in terms of volume, it is important thing that you should consider that how to send the Christmas care package to soldiers deployed overseas smoothly without a hitch. This is due to the fact that you will have to mail the gift, and some countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan or the Middle East are really strict on what’s allowed and not allowed in the country.

Below are a few tips may help you avoid the question that some items are not allowed to be sent and other items will not survive extreme weather conditions.

  • Do not include any type of magazines, movies, or pictures that have pornography material in the care package.
  • Alcohol is illegal in Kuwait. So don’t send any drinks containing alcohol in any Christmas care package.
  • Do not send anything that comes in an aerosol can such as deodorant or shaving cream.
  • If you are preparing the Christmas care package for loved one is going on deployment. You should know what your deployed loved one can’t take a whole lot of un-necessary things along. So you should make sure that you’re getting your loved one military gift that don’t take too much space, but one that’s full of meaning.
Now you may have appropriate and unique Christmas present ideas to your deployed husband, wife, mom, dad, boyfriend, friends and more to show your holiday wishes.

1. Personal Care Items

Your deployed serviceman can’t refuse deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, cotton swabs, individual dental floss picks, lotions, travel-sized toilet paper and tissues. A lady soldier might enjoy a nice assortment of loofah sponges, tampons, shower gels and disposable ladies’ razors and more. Thought, these items are small and common, they can let your sentimental soldier feels the sense of Christmas family.

2. Special Christmas Food

Some soldiers away will not have the opportunity to eat their favorite Christmas treats while on deployment. Send Christmas sugar cookies that are festively decorated with a box of candy canes. Packages of powdered eggnog mix, apple cider and hot chocolate mix can be a festive treat for soldiers to drink as well.

3. Homemade Christmas Gifts from Kids

Have your children keep a special deployment box while their mom or dad is deployed. Have the children decorate this box however they would like. Then each time the child receives something or makes something that they want to share with their mom or dad they can put in the box and keep it safe until they come home. Why not encourage your children to make Christmas deployment box filled with their kills, love, blessing and more?

Your deployed love one must miss you and your kids very much, especially for your new baby he has never hugged her/him before. Helping your new baby or toddler to make simple but meaningful Christmas handprint/footprint card for her/his deployed mom or dad is heartwarming.

4. Latest Family Photos of Christmas

Send pictures of loved ones, you, children, parents, friends and other relatives. Include a note from each person and the highlights of beautiful Christmas tree with colorful decorations, perfect Christmas presents, Christmas stocking be filled of gifts and more. Let your loved one share the happy and heartwarming holiday with you though she is deployed overseas.

5. Unique Christmas Gifts for Music-Loving Soldiers

If you’re shopping for a present for a soldier who loves music, there’s no better gift idea than the homemade Christmas music CD. You may wonder what type of homemade CD we are talking about. Recording Christmas carolers of kids, you, and parents and burning them on to the special CD disc can be a lot of fun and a great way to express your Christmas blessings to your deployed loved one.

6. Elegant Christmas Presents for the Artistic Soldier

Personalized engraved items may be suitable for your artistic soldier such as crystal items, jewelry, watches, pens, lighter, lady mirror and more. The family necklace can be personalized and given as creative Christmas gifts. Parents and children reach out to each other on the necklace’s pendant, their arms forming a family circle with a loving heart at its center. Your deployed loved one will read your heart and love wherever he/she goes.

7. Thoughtful Christmas Care Package for Love Reading Soldiers

Do you think the Kindle is perfect gift idea for avid reader? If you are searching appropriate Christmas gifts for soldier who loves to read very much, don’t miss the Kindle. The ability to carry dozens of books with him/her when he/she deployed, without actually carrying dozens of books in their suitcase, is simply amazing!


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