How to Show Support for Military Spouse

As military spouse, they are the cornerstones of support for their husband and families. They are responsible for providing continuity and stability on the home front. They go through a lot. Sometimes they need our recognition and support but how to show support for them while they are tired of being alone.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a Reminder to Community to Support Military Families

In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This is the time to recognize military spouses for all they do to support their husbands or wives who serve with one of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We know ordinary citizens are often willing to help, but don’t know how to start. Some of the gift ideas are worth thinking about when you have no good gift ideas for military spouse.

Top Ten Spiritual Gift Ideas

  1. Chicken Soup for the Military Wife – There are a ton of books out there with military essays all about being a military wife. Find one, wrap it up and hand it to her. Such as the chicken soup for the military wife’s soul, stories to touch the heart and rekindle the spirit
  2. Military Spouse Club-Ask your friends who are the military spouses join in the military spouse club that can help them ease the pain of military separations.
  3. Share more information related how to educated children with military wife to help them have the feeling of easy on their kids’ education.
  4. Photo Album – Whether or not her spouse is deployed at the moment, she has a lot of work she has to get done and not a lot of time for scrapbook making and photo albums.
  5. Book – Military spouses face more worries, concerns and troubles than their married civilian friends. Give them good suggestion of books that provide valuable insight into this challenging lifestyle and practical tips for coping emotionally and realistically with times of separation during deployments.
  6. Invite them to enjoy a concert.
  7. To help them to plan their dream.
  8. Hobby gifts – Select a gift based on a hobby she has not been able to do since her husband left for service and she’s been busy with the children, work or both.
  9. Praying our military with military spouse.
  10. Arrange a trip for military family and help them record their DVD related their activities as memento.

Top Seven Practical Gift Ideas

  1. Military Spouse Medal– Medal is not just belongs to military, but also to military spouse, for their service, their strong willing, their special love and unique responsibility.
  2. Donations – Make a donation in the spouse’s name to a military charity. There are literally hundreds of different military charities to choose from. Pick one that you know is near and dear to the spouse’s heart, such as a charity focusing on children of parents lost in service to their country, disabled soldiers, etc.
  3. Send appropriate festival gifts for them on every festival day.
  4. Military spouse Care Package.
  5. Military Spouse Ring – Buy a ring with engraved her name for the wife who lets her husband go to another country for an extended period of time. This is a nice gift that you can start with a praying hands charm and then she or her husband can add to every time he goes some place new.
  6. Send her a Yoga Cards – Send a Yoga card to military wife, let them receive the benefits of yoga such as increased flexibility, improved mental focus, and efficient breathing all in a “Gentle”.
  7. Day Spa Gift Certificate – Let her recline in a chair and get painted, pampered and massaged for a day. Military bases often have on-site health clinics, spas and beauty parlors, but getting outside the base might be a more relaxing option.


Do not underestimate the value of help. If your military spouse has children, offer to babysit or take the kids to the park so he or she can get some things done around the house.

If you live close to them offer to grab something at the store when you are already going. Go over and spend time visiting. Help her clean the house.

These may not seem like gifts in the truest sense of the word, but they are gifts just the same and your military spouse friend will greatly appreciate the time and effort you give.

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