Military Appreciation Gifts – Personal Memory Book

When I ask my friend what kinds of military appreciation gift is warm and appropriate, who is demobilized soldier.

He reply that please make the homemade Personal Memory Book if you want. Yes, I know, Personal Memory Book.

A personal memory book is an excellent way to celebrate a person’s military service. Contact all her family and friends to gather photos, quotes and short notes of appreciation and celebration. This will be significance. You may read this military poem with deep homesick.

Military's homesick

I love my mainland, she is my mother,

I would like devote to protecting my mother without any regret

But sometime,

I will miss my family, my wife, my kid, my parents

Choose you, love you and give up something

But without any regret

Just sometime miss my hometown

Just sometime want to see the sunshining smile of my family

Just sometime

Personal Memory Book

My friend told me this is aspirations for all military, sometime they just choose leave out their family when mother call them, they hope see smile of parents, wife, kid every day, per hour, per minute, even per second, but they can’t express their emotion all the time for they have responsibility, they are the military.

They are interested in the memory book with their family, hometown etc. It is most perfect military gift in their monotonous life be filled with homesick and lovesickness.

The important part for your personal memory book is its content. His/her sons photos with sunshining smile, the clean and warm words from his/her wife/husband, they even find the white hair of their parents with tear and smile…

Talk to people he has served with about acquiring little daily things he does or says. Use an American theme with red, white and blue pages, the American flag on the cover and the Constitution as the backdrop for some of the pages.

Organize all the collected materials and create a memory book in chronological order with photos and written memories. Leave a few pages at the end of the book for her to add her own photos that she wants included.military tear

The last night that ever she saw him. Carried away by a moonlight shadow, now I can’t see you for long time, how are you? My little girl. I am sure all the military men will sing this song while they look this personal memory book page by page.

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