Military Gifts by Branch

Military Gifts for Friendship Day

If you have some friends are military service members, don’t miss the Friendship Day to show your love and concern for them. Let them read your appreciation and support from your friendship wording on your military gifts.

Staying in touch with long distance friends who were deployed overseas can be difficult and tough. It seems there is never enough time in the Friendship Day to call for that much overdue catch-up call. Now your thoughtful Friendship Day gifts will help you show your blesses and wishes for your military friends.

Choose practical military gifts to enrich your friends’ life and they must be appreciating your thoughtful spiritual military gifts that will be the highlight in their boring life. No matter what, your military friends will love getting something other than bills in the mail. All it takes is an out-of-touch friend and a little inspiration.

Practical Military Gifts for Friendship Day

For military men and women, military care packages from home are what keep them motivated, they are practical and warming. There’re tokens of love and appreciation that are valued and cherished.

Any care package is a good package in the eyes of a soldier, but you will want to tend to both their wants and needs. Consider the simple necessities in life that may or may not be available in abundance overseas.

  • Make a CD of a favorite band or musician you saw in concert together or send a series of CDs with songs you think your friend would like. Music has a special way of connecting people.
  • Deodorant, razors, vitamins, bandages and other toiletries are always welcome.
  • Your serviceman or servicewoman overseas may love your homemade cookies, it is best to stick to store-bought snack foods with a long shelf life. This will be delicious Friendship Day gifts.
  • If you have a video camera, record events such as friends’ wedding, proms, graduations, travel, BBQ, birthday party or favorite community event he has missed while away from friends and family and send the DVD.

Spiritual Military Gifts for Friendship Day

Everyone can benefit from spiritual gifts provided they are opened up to spiritual things; our military friend is no exception. All human beings who are receptive to the spiritual gifts given to people by God to share with others for the building up of their faith and walk with God in their everyday lives such as the books, art, meditation tools, or spiritual trip.

  1. Books are a good idea for a spiritual military friend. Books will allow him to learn more about whatever his particular faith is and to reinforce what he already believes.
  2. Know the religion of your military friend and choose a print of one of famous works of art within his religion that he could hang in his home or office. Customize a crystal military prayer plaque will be wonderful and your military friend will be interested in its clear perfection and sparkling reflection.
  3. You may think the meditation tools are interesting and funny, but your military friends may need them to enjoy spending time each day in meditation. This helps them to feel closer to God and to think about how they can service for country.
  4. A spiritual trip will be difficult for military members. But it is good for them. Send him on a spiritual trip. Where he would want to go would depend on his religion or spiritual beliefs.

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