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Maybe it was his courage and patriotism, maybe it was that strong self-confidence he radiated or maybe it was how he looked in uniform. Whichever factor or combination of factors appealed to them most, they have decided to throw in their lot with a military man. This is our lovely military spouse.

What is military spouse’s role?

First, you can imagine that you husband has been deployed more than half the time since you got married four years ago. While you don’t want him to give up something you know enjoy doing, you are tired of being alone with your daughter who also misses him. You don’t know if you can continue to cope with his absence in your lives. Now you are playing the special role of military spouse.

Military spouse – the hardest job in the military. For most military spouses, they found separation during deployments was more difficult than they anticipated.

They were customized to getting underway themselves and were used to prolonged separations. In other words, military spouse marriages are so special that have to deal with separations and other stresses more often than civilian marriages.

The happiness and peace of military family is depending on steady marriage. When our military spouse has been deployed, staying in touch becomes critical for both of troops. However, staying in touch will not always be easily accomplished. Hence, the feeling of loneliness, depression, helpless will surround them.

Military spouse need to do more than others for their military family without husband for mostly of year. They should spend more time taking care of their parents, educating their children, keeping house, working etc.

They always feel tired alone with these things. You know we can win the sense of worth through any achievement in our work, but for military spouse, they can’t pay more attention to their work, even their dream, they have to give up many, even the military spouse career.

Hence, for military spouse, we should:

Military spouses face more worries, concerns and troubles than their married civilian friends. What can we do for their special marriage and family? Here are some tips related valuable insight into this challenging lifestyle and practical tips for coping emotionally and realistically with times of separation during deployments.

There are many kinds military family support organizations in society. There organizations devote to providing training, information, suggestion or education etc. related how to keep the military marriages peace and steady.

All service organizations provide some form of assistance programs for spouses who are married to active duty members who serve in that military organization. Spouses who are married to veterans can also benefit from education programs.

  • Military SOS – The Military SOS (Significant other support) site has been online since 2006. It has a large membership and provides a wealth of information and support for spouses of military personal.
  • Military Spouse Support Network Primarily consists of a series of forums; these forums range from serious topics and areas to ask for help to places you can just have fun with others and try to relax.
  • Military OneSource is more general site for military families as a whole; however, it does have a significant amount of information for the spouses of those who serve.

How to Survive a Spouse’s Military Deployment

  1. As military, you should express your concerns about the risks of deployment and the responsibility you will take on once your spouse has deployed.
  2. Attend briefings for spouses and families, if offered, prior to the deployment.
  3. Become involved with other spouses in military unit, or at least keep in contact with them, during the deployment.
  4. Stay informed about current events
  5. Decide to be positive before phone calls with military spouse.

Often times military spouse fail to recognize that they need support, too, especially when their men are away. Their civilian friends and family members love them and want to support them but sometimes they just can’t relate. This is why it is so important to seek out group that can provide they the career opportunity to share common experiences, give and receive emotional support, and learn about new resources.

  • Career Training for Military Spouses – Husbands and wives of United States Armed Forces members are provided financial support for college and career training by the United States Government. Most military spouses can qualify for these benefits.
  • Education for Military Spouses – There are several opportunities for spouses to educate themselves with the help of the military. All service organizations provide some form of assistance programs for spouses who are married to active duty members who serve in that military organization.
  • The Dependents’ Educational Assistance – Veteran Affairs offers up to 45 months of monetary assistance for veterans’ spouses. The benefits can be used toward college, certificate programs, apprenticeship and on-the-job training.
  • As the spouse of someone enrolled in the military, you are entitled to many education benefits and tuition assistance. It does not matter whether the military spouse is still in service or has been retired for a long time; you can still find many scholarships and grants to aid in your education.

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