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Mother’s Day Gifts for Military Service Women

There are more than 1.7 million women veterans in the U.S., according to statistics provided by Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation Inc. They are hero in our heart, at same time they are moms.

On mother’s day, they deserve to receive Mother’s Day gifts from their children. In view of the special role of our military service women, we should choose thoughtful gift ideas for them.

How to pick the right Mother’s Day Gift?

  • When you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, it’s best to select a present that suits your military service mother’s personality and it will be even better if it suits her needs.
  • If you have more time, pick one that is representative of your love for her as well.
  • And no matter what you decide to choose, your mother will still love the present because you have taken the time and effort to do so.

1. Record a Message Box

Prepare your thank you mom poems or homemade card/letter and put them into this wonderful box, embellish the lid of this rosewood finished photo frame keepsake box. You can be customized with an engraved brass plaque.

2. Umbra photo album

Military service mom always misses their family, their kids, husband and parents. So gather them together and put them in this beautiful, antique looking photo album from Umbra. To make it extra special, choose the pictures that aren’t so picture perfect.

3. Mother’s Day Card

Create a one of a kind personalized Mother’s Day card with your computer, or better yet, by hand. Then write your own Mother’s Day appreciation poems. Always include a note! Like “Mom, thanks for all that you do.” Or, “Mom, just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you.”

4. Book

Reading is beautiful thing in one’s life, it likes the art of living. The art of living is to know when to hold fast and when to let go. Send meaningful books what your military service mom want to read.

5. Homemade bookmark

If reading is a favorite pastime of military service mom, this is perfectly simple craft for military service mom. Reading is always more pleasurable when it’s marked by beauty. Then you military service mom will miss you while they see the bookmark.

6. Military Ring

The best military rings have special emblems on the side bands or top crowns. Choose appropriate military rings to honor their service and to show their pride.

7. Teddy Bear

The famous Vermont Teddy Bear Company has created a series of patriotic teddies that feature an Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines T-shirt that can be personalized for your special military lady. A loving gift especially when presented by her children before a deployment, or to a younger daughter just starting her military career, the Teddy bear will be a comfort when far from home.

8. Crystal Plaque

Military plaque

Crystal plaque can be custom ordered with an etched image. You can choose perfect air force family photo. The plaque can be small and added to an award or keepsake box, or it can be made large and flat to look like a painting on the wall.

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