Navy Day Gifts Ideas

October 27 is United States Navy Day. It is appropriate time to show the appreciation and support of civilians to women and men in Navy.

Navy professionals risk their lives to protect our country. Honoring this sacrifice with a personalized Navy Day gift expresses your gratitude and support for their dangerous work. Whether you’re celebrating the Navy Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or Veteran’s Day, there is variety of military gifts for Navy professionals.

Gift for Men in Navy

Buying appropriate Navy gift for man who is in service with the Navy can be challenging. You must consider shipper shipping, packaging, costs, time, store space and other factors, but something related entertainment and traditional but personalized military appreciation gifts will be perfect.

1. Computer War Games

Computer war games have been popular for years. Soldiers use them to train. Hobbyists use them to learn more about history and to second-guess some of the greatest military minds. It is thoughtful navy gift ideas to entertain their life that is full of rules and regulations.

2. Personalized Navy Plaque

Pray for your men while they service in Navy and customize the crystal Navy prayer plaque. The Navy prayer plaque features a special “A Sailor’s Prayer” poem inscribed on the back. You may customize the front with your individualized messages. It is a unique way to let the sailor know that you are praying for them.

3. Navy Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a timeless and classy military gift that can one day become priceless heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation. Purchase a pocket watch for your male Navy and have it personalized with his initials, rank, appreciation wording and more

Gifts For Women In Navy

You want your girlfriend, wife, mother or friend to enjoy the special Navy gift and not just give a polite smile when she receives it. Finding the right appreciation gift for women navy can be difficult, but many thoughtful gifts are available and can be genuinely enjoyed by woman navy.

  • Military Pillow

Constant enforcement of discipline can create stress for military women. Give the Navy gift of a soothing headache relief pillow or sound machine so the recipient can unwind at the end of a long, stressful day. Headache relief pillow are great options because they typically include hot or cold therapy through the use of gel packs and can be easily transported if the officer needs to travel.

  • Personalized Navy Cartoon

Make the personalized Navy cartoon will be funny but uplifting. Avoid military stereotypes; your military women will be interested in the framed caricature with art style. Have a photo of your Navy friend on hand so the cartoonist can draw a caricature that resembles your friend, wife, mother etc. The framed caricature can bear the officer’s name and police department. Have the cartoon framed so your military women can hang it on the wall.

  • Navy and Marine Decorations

Every woman is interested in elegant decoration, our military women are no exception. Home decor gifts with a naval flair make good gifts. Wrap up a throw blanket of the United States Navy Eagle in some tissue paper and tuck it into a gift back. Choose lamps for a living room with rope wrapped bases and decorative anchors attached to them. These nautical features will make these lamps special.

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