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Navy Gifts for Parents’ Day

Men and women employed in the United States Navy are living a life of service to the people of the nation. On Parents’ Day, kids and family have the opportunity to give back to their service parents with gifts. Present your military parents a Parents’ Day present that reflects your love for country and the Navy.

Navy gifts are the ideal way to honor the service of our courageous Navy fathers and mothers, no matter where they are. Kids and family of Navy are always proud of their parents for U.S. Navy officers and enlisted personnel are members of the world’s elite maritime fighting force, and their finely-honed skills, fierce fighting spirit and highly sophisticated equipment are almost legendary around the globe.

Therefore, almost Navy kids would like send their homemade Navy gifts to celebrate Parents’ Day for their father and mother. Navy parents will read the love and blessing from the unique homemade Navy Parents’ Day gifts.

Here are top 7 homemade Navy gifts for Parents’ Day for your reference:

Cross-stitched Navy Badge

Cross-stitched Navy Badge

Custom made cross stitch badge-themed Navy can easily. All you need to do is go left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down. Find a nice motif and start stitching before it gets too dark. Your Navy parents will be proud of this exquisite badge on their collar or purse. They would like tell others that this is their Parents’ Day gift from their kids.

Personalized CDs

Nowadays, digital music is readily available and users are able to download specific songs without having to buy entire albums. But the best popular songs are from you; you can imprinting your Parents’ Day songs and make this personalized Navy CDs.

DIY Scrapbook

Premade scrapbooks make wonderful Navy gifts. This is a fun and romantic way to collate all your favorite family pictures and quotes into something that looks like a paper frame. It’s free style so you could put any parents’ photos and any size, military appreciation quotes of all types any even other accessories to spice up the scrapbook.

A picture says a thousand words; your Navy Parents will read your loves and wishes.

DIY Military Plaques

DIY Military Plaques

Customize a military plaque and design it yourself. The crystal military plaque will be the best choice; especially the blue crystal can express the sea’s color. Crystal differs from other materials in that it always sparkles and reflects light. Personalization is easy for they can be laser etched with a personal message that shows your love and yearning.

You can design the military plaque features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag, this design is both a solute and a prayer.

Navy Memory Bracelet

There are many different types of traditional engravable gifts available Parents’ Day. But the memory bracelet is gaining popularity, so the Navy memory bracelet will be nice military gift idea.

This bracelet is similar to a charm-style bracelet but has six miniature frames where the parents’ personal photographs can be inserted. An option that is available for the memory bracelet is an engravable disc that slides into the frame.

Not only can the bracelet be personalized with photographs but it can also feature a special engraved date or Parents’ Day appreciation wording.

Homemade Navy Clock

Make a Navy clock craft from paper, cardstock or cardboard. Head the craft project with the text, “I Love Father and Mother All the Time.” Under the heading, have each child add a head photo. Situate the picture so clock hands will be attached below the face, not on it.

Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon

Let the carrier pigeon carries your message that be filled with your love and blessing to Navy parents, this will be romantic and warm Parents’ Day gift idea. Hence feed a carrier pigeon and train.

Hence you can raise a carrier pigeon to prepare this special Navy gift. Cultivate a love of pigeons as a whole and a love of your individual birds. Start training in your carrier or homing pigeons’ first year by acclimating your pigeons to the basket or crate that you will transport them in.

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