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Summer Solstice for Military Kids

Summer Solstice

Military fathers want to show their love and concerns for their kids to bless them have happy Summer Solstice as much as their special Father’s Day by their Summer Solstice ideas.

Summer Solstice, June 21. It is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day in the southern hemisphere. For the north, it marks the first day of summer.

If military fathers have been inspired to plan their own summer solstice celebration for kids, first they will probably need some special solstice recipes. Create their own traditional summer solstice food for their kids will be wonderful summer solstice ideas.

Summer Desserts for Military Kids

Military fathers will show their special summer solstice desserts ideas for military spouse.

All the summer solstice desserts will be themed the taste of summer solstice, such as cook the summer solstice desserts with summer berry trifle, or prepare the cake mix according to the cupcake directions. Add blue food coloring, drop by drop, until the batter is the desired shade of ocean water.

Personalization summer desserts will help military kids have happy and sweet summer solstice.

Summer Solstice Games for Military Kids

Military fathers or mothers have the low feeling of regret that they can’t ┬ácompany their kids enjoy the summer solstice, some military figure out some interesting and unique summer solstice games ideas for kids.

  • Every kids can’t refuse the speedboat relay, this is one bucket brigade that, instead of putting out the fire, is guaranteed to fan the flames of hot competition.
  • The appeal of seaside bowling lies in its advantages bare feet allowed, the alley’s free, and there’s an unlimited supply of pins.
  • Kids can test their aim and douse their opponent at the same time with this water balloon game of throwing and blocking skills.
  • Splashdown, each kid gets a small bucket filled with water, and a big car wash sponge. Don’t be surprised if this sponge-toss game turns into an all-out water battle. The goal is to get wet.

Crystal Summer Solstice – Summer Wish List

Crystal Summer Solstice

Use a crystal plaque as summer wish list will be special summer solstice ideas for every kid. Let military kids write down their summer wish on the page then ask engrave those wish on the crystal plaque.

Crystal summer plaques, large or small, are always striking. And the crystal summer solstice plaque can be custom ordered with an etched image, the plaque can be small and added to an award or keepsake box, or it can be made large and flat look like a painting on the wall. Military kids can check their wish after the summer.

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