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Air Force Plaques for Air Force Day

Air Force Day was established on August 1, 1947, by President Truman “in recognition of the personnel of the victorious Army Air Forces and all those who have developed and maintained our nation’s air strength.”

Air Force Day came into being immediately after the signing of the National Security Act of 1947, although the status of the air element of the military was uncertain. Thus, although it was called Air Force Day, its first celebration was staged by the Army Air Forces and not by the U.S. Air Force.

Air Force Day

The Air Force Day is always celebrated by parades, receptions and air show. The parade will be preceded by a media briefing whereupon General Gagiano as well as the members of the Air Force Board will address various matters in the air force. An aerial display of all fleets (helicopters, transport and fighter aircraft) and other practical demonstrations will be conducted during the parade.

Air Force plaque is the appropriate and traditional military gift ideas for Air Force Day.

Air Force Day

Military plaques are the standard gift for a military member departing for a new assignment or upon completion of a special project. The plaques typically are wooden or crystal and rectangular in shape, although occasionally they may be shaped like a crest or the state where the individual has been serving.

There are many different types of traditional engraved plaques available this holiday season, the most popular being the crystal rectangle plaques. A clear rectangle with beveled sides reflects light and animates the blowing American Flag. This patriot award honors individuals for their outstanding patriotism and public service. That’s wonderful.

Air Force Plaques for Air Force Day Air Force Plaques for Air Force Day

But why choose crystal military plaques? Face the military plaque, are plastic and metal trophies or wooden plaques really what you want decorating your office? Crystal has clear perfection and sparkling reflection that attracts attention and says “You’re special”. They have an appearance that is vastly different from ordinary, and they are a transparent material that reflects and refracts lights.