Military Gifts by Branch

Armed Forces Day Gifts for Navy

You should consider the personality and personality of the gift’s recipient while choose a thoughtful Armed Forces Day. If the gift recipient was in the Navy, would like to someday join the Navy, has a family member in the Navy or is a fan of the Navy, a Navy-themed gift would show him that you have put some thought into choosing the gift.

1. Flag Patch

Our flag symbolizes the love and pride that we have as a nation. It is a reminder of America’s greatness and our fortune to live in a country that values freedom above all else. There is no better way for your navy people show your appreciation and support by others patriotic gifts than flag patch.

2. Navy Chrome Car Emblem

As part of the military for you may be the military kids, military spouse, military friends even military parents, you have to display said logo or symbol as part of your presentation. Each division of the military has their own symbol, a prime example of this can be seen within the navy, which is recognizable through the sail emblem. Your navy men will be interested in your custom navy emblem.

3. Navy Cufflinks

One of the most useful gifts for Navy men who love cufflinks is of course cufflinks, the navy blue cufflinks are the most popular. You can find the best blue cufflinks that will be right for the taste of your loved one. You can also ask the designer engraved some wording what you want to say to him on the navy blue Cufflinks.

4. Naval Art

Give a piece of naval art. Have your service member or service woman’s rank symbol and the emblem of the United States Navy printed on to glass or crystal.

The crystal can mounted over a field of navy blue material and hung in a frame. Give art that illustrates important scenes from Naval History like the Battle of Midway.

Beautiful photographs from the ship’s decks or viewing Pearl Harbor show important days in U.S. Navy history. Or the shining crystal plaque will be engraved Armed Forces Day Quotes.

5. Challenge Coins

When a soldier completes the screening process, he usually receives a challenge coin. Navy fans often display these coins in their homes to show their support for the troops. Various designs are available from retailers, usually with Navy emblems and motivational phrases. A relatively cheap military gift, a challenge coin nevertheless carries symbolic significance.