Military Gift Ideas

Army Prayer Gifts Ideas

A prayer for our troops is also good way to show our appreciation and care to soldiers. Payer for some of the tough military experiences like deployment, frequent moves and separation from family and friends can be enough to strengthen a soldier’s will.

When it comes to selecting an inspirational prayer gift you have a large selection of options. Inspirational hankies, or prayer hankies as some like to call them, have become very popular, the prayer handkerchief also make wonderful keepsakes for military graduation, deployment, enlistment. You can pin the handkerchiefs inside military uniform, have his/her name, rank, and service date.

Share your love for your loved ones in the military, express your personal appreciation with this personalized crystal plaque. Each military prayer plaque can be personalized with your prayer wording. A military prayer poem will be engraved on the back of the plaque with the praying hands decoration.