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How to Celebrate the Armed Forces Day

How can you encourage your armed forces? How can you show your love and support to your armed forces? Thinking out unique ideas about how celebrate the Armed Forces Day is great. Armed Forces Day is appropriate time to do that. Come on!

Before President Harry S. Truman proclaimed the third Saturday in May as Armed Forces Day in 1949, the three major branches of the United States armed forces—the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force—held elaborate celebrations on three different days during the year.

Now you just need some ideas on how to show appreciation, support and love to armed forces:

1. Armed Forces Day Events

Armed Forces Day in 2011 will again be an opportunity for the public to say thank you and recognize the outstanding contribution the Armed Forces community makes to this country. Encouraging community groups, local authorities and Veterans associations to organize Armed Forces Day events and show their support for the men and women of the Armed Forces community.

a. Military Air Show – Air shows are usually conducted either at a military base or large airfield and are definitely an exciting experience.

b. Parade – Many towns and cities across the country throw many different events for Armed Forces. You can get together with a group of friends, grab some beers at the local watering hole, head out and show your support for our Armed Forces.

c. Army Force Day Party – In generally speaking, the army force day evening party is popular, our military can enjoy this wonderful time with a variety of entertainment. Of course the military appreciation songs show, will be interested in the thank you military poems, and the nice performance of cocktail etc.

d. Fly the flag on Armed Forces Day – There are many guidelines for displaying the American flag properly, with respect to the flag itself, as well as to any other flags that may be displayed along with it.

e. Army Force Day Dinner – Many military club and organizes will hold sweet Army Force Day Dinnerfor military, including the army force picnicappreciation luch.

f. Military’s Family Part – This is good ideas that celebrate our military and show our support to them. They only have no long time company their family, miss their parents, wife and kids. This special party will recover their need.

g. Go to an Armed Forces Day Scout Blast.

h. Contribute to the preservation of an historic fort near you

Army Force Day Gifts

Choose appropriate army force gift is simple complicated as you do. So, what do you get for that military person who seems to have everything?

Here are a few gift ideas for that military person in your life.

From Military’s Wife

Maybe it was his courage and patriotism, maybe it was that strong self-confidence he radiated or maybe it was how he looked in uniform. Whichever factor or combination of factors appealed to you most, you have decided to throw in your lot with a military man.

Realize that when you marry a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine, you have also married your husband’s military career. Decide to make the best of it.

You husband need more love and support from you, you can choose some military gifts show your good feeling during the special day.

  1. Neck Buddy – The neck buddy wraps around the soldiers neck to keep them cool or warm. Also means that your love will around him every day, every time.
  2. Military Ring – Your Army man will grunt with pleasure when they receive one of these specially crafted United States Army rings. Available in 14K gold or sterling silver, with or without an oval stone.
  3. DIY T-shirt – What’s the size of your army man? What colors does he like? Only you know more your army husband, make your own diy t-shirt, this will be so comfortable and warm military gift.
  4. Personal Memory Book – One personal memory book with you, his son, daughter, parents may be the most important gift for them.
  5. Wife’s Letter– The letter with warm love and sweet encouragement will be good thing for army man while they miss their family.
  6. Poetry anthology – If gifts including in the spiritual gifts and practical gifts, this special poetry anthology belongs to army women’s spiritual gifts. It is perfect that all the poems from you.
  7. Long Skirt – Long skirts have been out of fashion for a long time, but they are coming back. No matter whether they are fashion or out, choose it with right color what your army women loves, you know every female has special feeling for long skirt, the long skirt comes down to her ankles, flying in the breeze, thought they have no more time wearing this skirt.
  8. Jewels – Army women rings, crystal bracelet or the silver necklace, these elegant and delicate jewels always mean more.
  9. Photo Album– Told your army women, you and kids are happy every day, then show your photo album, make her believe what you said, where have you and kids ever been? Did son like his 12-year-old birthday party? Did parents have good smile every day? How about their health? There is no need say more about them, the photo album will tell them.

From Military’s Husband

Taking some time to honor your military wife by good gifts ideas, whether your wife is currently deployed or home, take a moment to tell her how much she means to you.

Form Military’s Parents

As army women, they always feel regret to their husband/wife, kids, especially for their old parents, they can’t spend more time companying them, just enjoy every dinner become very difficult for our military, they hope know more something about parents every day, happy or not, health or bad.

As military’s parents, they also understand what their kid’s thought, they would like send the unique military gifts told the military kids, they are well, don’t worry about them. Do their work as better as they can. More simple gifts mean more love and support from their heart.

  1. Live CD – Told military what kinds of parents’ life every day, peace, quiet and happiness.
  2. Letter – Write something what they want to know, of course something related parents’ health, hobby, life, they are little things, but life is made up of these little things.
  3. Toy Box of Childhood – Every one is the young boy in parents’ eyes, no matter what they are, parents are interested in collecting many kinds toys what their children like while they were young in one box, help them and military remember the clean time.

From Military’s Kids

You may always be able to give an appropriate answer your kid’s question: why mother/father can’t enjoy this Christmas Day with us? Why dads never take me to travel?

Why mom can’t celebrate my birthday? As military, you have decided to give up many things, you can’t company they grow up. You must have not very good feeling of regret.

Actually, they will understand you, they will be proud of their mother or father who have and continue to serve their country. They will use their own special Army Force Day gifts show their love and support, sometime this gift may be simple military cards with warm greeting, or the military poem with blessing and love, that is great!

From Military’s Friends

Your friends also are proud of you. Your friends would like let their best be for you, just want you to know their friendship and love, there is a range of choice to show this, such as:

1. Pay more attention to military’s family

2. Invite military’s kids enjoy their travel or weekend party

3. Bring the latest news related military’s relatives, family and you6) from us. These brave soldiers are putting their lives on the line every day to protect ours, they deserve all of the respect we can give them.

1) Military Plaque

2) We can have a party or possibly a picnic

3) You could have a few friends over for a BBQ

4) Attending an event

5) Flying the flag

6) Offering a message or a salute of support for the 2011 Armed Forces Day

From government

Today, our Armed Forces defend the UK and its interest; they fight terrorism in Afghanistan and promote peace, deliver aid, and provide security around the world in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force.

Every Army Force Day, our government will host annual Army Forces Day supported, Parades, silences, and celebrations commemorate contributions past and present of military members and their families. There is a series of military medals were awards to military service or achievement.