Military Gifts by Branch

Army Wife Gifts

When you are married to an Army man, the lifestyle can be challenging. Friends and family members of couples in the military can support the wife when her spouse goes on deployment by being available to help.

Small gifts or spending time with an Army wife can be wonderful support. The army husband can support and encourage his wife while he is gone with small reminder gifts of his love for her.

Army Wife Gifts-Entertainment

Some army wives go for long months without their husbands. Send a sign that you recognize she makes sacrifices for love of her husband and of her country.

Follow the woman’s favorite singer’s or band’s concert schedule. When the act appears near her, give her two tickets to the show. Give her anĀ army wife gift card to a restaurant for a pre-show or late night dinner.

Army Wife Gifts-Pets

When a army wife lives far from her friends and families, give her a gift to which she can turn for a sense of home and the comfort that brings. Ask friends and family pay more attention to the nice pets, choose the lovely pet that army wife will be interested in it, then treat it as the friend in her life without her husband.

Army Wife Gifts-books

Army wife will need something to distract herself with while her husband is away, an array of literature is available to help her cope with the gruesomeness of war and how she can help her man upon his return.

Some of the more popular titles include: “Surviving Deployment: A Guide for Military Families,” by Marine Corps spouse Karen M. Pavlicin.

This book contains many ideas on how families can deal with deployment challenges.

“Today’s Military Wife: Meeting the Challenges of Service Life, Fifth Edition,” by Army spouse Lydia Sloan Cline covers the basics of having a partner in the army and continues to receive updates as times and technology change.