Military Gifts by Branch

Department of Defense Gifts

What can be a better way to tell our troops including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard of Department of Defense how much they had contributed to our society than by giving them the best Department of Defense gifts they can ever imagine?

Here are top 4 unique Department of Defense gift ideas to help you choose appropriate military gifts.

Department of Defense Care Package

	 Department of Defense Care Package

A deployed service member will tell you there is nothing like the words “mail call” to brighten his day. Don’t let the fear of the red tape and regulations scare you away from sending a care package. But you should prepare right things of care package depend on the need of your service men.

  1. There are everyday items that every solider can use such as postage stamps, envelopes, notebook paper, writing utensils, calling cards and prepaid cell phones.
  2. Entertainment items such as batteries, magazines, books, playing cards, portable DVD players, DVDs, CDs, hand-held video game consoles and MP3 players.
  3. Everyday items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, baby wipes, hand towels, mouthwash, cough drops, pain reliever pills and creams, eyewash solution, floss, toilet paper, tissues, shaving cream and razors will always be useful.
  4. Sending homemade cookies and try to send enough so that they may share with their fellow soldiers as well.
  5. Avoid sending prohibited items. It is unlawful to send obscene or pornographic material, liquor, cigarettes and any items illegal in the United States to soldiers.

Department of Defense Plaque

All the service men and women of Department of Defense are holy and selfless. They give up their freedom, sacrifice the wonderful time with their family and friend for protecting our motherland. What kinds of gift can be suitable for their holy spirit?

Department of Defense Plaque

Choose a military appreciation poem what you like and maybe the favorite patriotic quotes of your service man, then ask Diy Awards engraved the poems or quotes on this crystal Department of Defense plaque.

Diy Awards can engrave these on crystal plaques with appropriate layout what you want, there are a number of style of crystal plaque you can choose.

Look the plaque image, a warm and patriotic “Thank you” with this dynamic waving flag design on the military plaque provides us ¬†good opportunity to our military personal for their service to our country.

Department of Defense T-shirt

Men originally designed T-shirts as an undergarment to protect their skin from itchy, but now we also can design special T-shirt for our military troops, United States Army personnel stationed in Europe brought home the popularity of the T-shirt after World War I.

Write your appreciation message or wording, the military appreciation poem is better on the military shirt, or you can draw a picture about U.S.A. flag, using fabric paint.

Department of Defense Phone Cards for Soldiers

I think this is thoughtful that let the phone cards as Department of Defense gift. In 2004, the Department of Defense authorized the Armed Services Exchanges to sell phone cards and commissary gift certificates to any American wishing to help support troops overseas.

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