Military Gifts by Branch

Military Gifts Ideas for Boyfriends

You must want to get some special military gifts ideas for your deployed boyfriend and let him know that how much you love and miss him.

The first question you’ll probably have is “What kind of deployment gift do I give?” Some things that his family has put into care package may work since he is going to Iraq, Afghanistan or in other country. So you want to choose some personalized military gift for your boyfriend.

1. Homemade Mixing Music CD

Many people chose to send a music CD to help deployed soldier enrich difficult deployed life. Therefore you also can select this deployment gift to him to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, birthday and more. But it is important that you should know how to make it personalized and unique.

There is big different between mixing a CD from store and mixing a good CD was burned by yourself. This CD needs to include exactly the right songs for the specific needs of your boyfriends.

2. Romantic Gift-Message in Bottle

Send your boyfriend sand, seashells, umbrella and a romantic message personalized by you. Add a cute, heartfelt message, deployment love poem to the bottle that expresses the way you feel about him. This romantic and sentimental military gift will tell him how much you miss him, appreciate his contribution to America and reassure him that you will be waiting for him when he returns.

3. Military Prayer Plaque

You may always worry about the safety of your deployed boyfriend and pray for him. Why not customize a prayer gift to engraved your blessing? Customize a crystal military plaque is perfect and sparkling.

Each military prayer plaque can be personalized with your custom message as well as the military service branch logo/emblem. Your deployment poem/quote will be engraved on the back of the plaque with the praying hands decoration.