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Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas for Deployed Soldier

Christmas will be stressful time when you have loved ones overseas fighting for the freedom of our country. But it is especially important to take the extra time and forethought to boost the spirits of your brave loved one.

Little but personalized Christmas gifts from friends and family at home serve to remind service members of the reasons for their sacrifice. Here are some homemade Christmas gifts ideas from military family for you to browse.

Handprint/Footprint Christmas Cards Ideas for Kids

Handprint/Footprint Christmas Cards Ideas for KidsYour deployed loved one must miss you and kids very much, especially for the new baby he never hugged her/him before. So teach kids to make simple but meaningful Christmas gift for their father/mother is heartwarming. If your kid is too young to make the Christmas gift, you can help him/her to make the personalized handprint or footprint cards.

Cut a piece of cardstock in half and then fold in half. Rub the baby’s hand or foot in ink or paint and press onto the cardstock, you just wipe baby’s foot or hand with the inkless wipe & then gently press the foot onto the coated paper. Within seconds a black footprint develops with an amazing amount of detail – every wrinkle & fold can often be seen. The wipe has no visible ink on it so no messy black marks are left on the hand or foot – amazing!

Cross-Stitch Ideas for a Military Spouse

Cross-Stitch Christmas TreeChristmas stockings are a traditional holiday decoration used hold small presents and decorate fireplace mantles, but your deployed loved one also needs this traditional Christmas ornaments to highlight the military life. Make your own counted cross-stitch Christmas stocking with yarn and plastic canvas mesh. Use a template for the size of stocking you would like to make, and plan out the cross stitching on a sheet of graph paper.

Homemade CD with Christmas Greeting from Parents of a Soldier

Christmas Greeting from Parents of SoldierI am sure that will be heartwarming and sentimental while your loved one see you, kids, parents, friends and other relatives, the Christmas party, beautiful Christmas tree with colorful decorations and happy kids and your bright smile and more. Creating a Christmas CD for a deployed loved one and tells him/her that he/she and the family belong together forever.

Homemade Family Christmas Photo Albums

 Military Family Christmas Photos AlbumMake personalized family albums Christmas-themed for your loved one and share the happiness and holiday greeting with him/her, tell him/her you, kids and parents are great, share the growing surprise of your new baby and more.