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Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Military Men

If you are busy to prepare military care package for your deployed husband or boyfriend, but have no romantic and creative Valentines Day 2012 themed gifts ideas, this article will help you.

Male military personnel are known as “manly men.” They are the rough, tough, unflappable, unbeatable soldiers. When it comes to a romantic, soft, feminine holiday such as Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to know what to get for your guy.

Show your pride in his service, your support for his job and your love forever, or simply make his time away less painful by selecting a unique love gift to reflect his needs and interests.

Be sure to consider his lifestyle before selecting a gift to ship and plan ahead to make sure it arrives on his Valentine’s Day.

Serving in the military requires determination, endurance and dedication. On the Valentine’s Day, sending the right present reminds the soldier he is loved. It also lets him know that his work is appreciated.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for Deployed Boyfriend

Valentines Day will be hard time for deployed boyfriend and you, you can’t enjoy Valentines Day dinner together, you can’t go to the cinema together, you can’t taste the fresh chocolate together; he can’t send you roses, he can’t take your hand to have a Valentines walk, but he can share the happiness and love while he receive your romantic Valentines gift.

  1. Valentine Message in a Bottle– Send your deployed boyfriend sand, seashells, umbrella and a romantic message personalized by you. Add a cute, heartfelt Valentines message, Valentines love poem to the bottle that expresses the way you feel about him. This romantic and sentimental military Valentines gift will tell him how much you miss him.
  2.   Valentines Day PoemA Valentines Day poem is also a memorable and romantic military gift.
  3. Valentines Day CD – Pick all of popular Valentine’s songs, including your own love songs will be perfect and put them on one CD.
  4. Love Bear – A teddy bear is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, and it does a great job showing how special you feel your significant other is. Whether you want to get them a teddy bear on its own, or pair the stuffed bear with something, like flowers, nothing says “I love you better.”

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Husband Overseas

Your deployed husband will appreciation you celebrate the special day with Valentines Day gifts though they can’t have no opportunity to enjoy Valentines Day dinner. You can miss these gifts ideas below if you want to choose thoughtful and creative Valentine’s Day gifts.

  1. Valentines bracelet – It is a nice Valentines gift that you can start with a praying hands charm and then your husband can add to every time he goes some place new. You can choose to add to the bracelet yourself then you can miss each other.
  2. Pillow case with embroidered heart of love – A pillow case may help you deployed husband has a better night’s sleep and wake up looking better and feeling better.
  3. Crystal Heart Valentine Gift – Your husband may be interested in the Valentine craft to decorate his military life though they can’t allow to collect too many decoration for their special military life, customize crystal Valentine gift shaped heart of love will be wonderful, choose the small size to relieve the weight of care package.
  4. Video Email with Your Loved Message – Video Email is a great personal way to send your own loved emails.
  5. Photos – Nothing is more important to your deployed loved one than seeing your face.
  6. Love heart sky lanterns
  7. Write your own love story.
  8. Love diary
  9. Valentines Day emblem
  10. Baked cookies shaped heart of love