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Valentines Day Poems for Deployed Soldiers

Do you want to write romantic and inspiring deployment love poems to your deployed loved one to show your love and heart?

Far from family and friends, these dedicate men and women have limited access to the everyday comforts of being back home. Writing a sincere deployment poem on romantic and sentimental love-themed military gift is your chance to show your support and make Valentine’s Day gift difference!

Here are my top 5 love poems that you might find useful to help you celebrate special Valentines Day for your deployed loved one.

On days like today
When the sky is gray
And my mood is gloomy
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer
I curl up in your shirt
Take out our pictures
And loose myself in the memories
The laughter and the love
Bring a small to my face
And for that time everything is okay
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer

I close my eyes
And take a deep breath
I focus on the end
And not on the now
I slowly open my eyes
And look straight forward
My eyes strain to see
Looking for that light
With a sad sigh
I turn away
That light seems so dim today
So far out of reach
Its so hard at times
Sometimes I feel so alone
All I want is you
To come home

It’s love,
Our special love,
Deployed love
Reaches across oceans
Connects heart that are worlds apart

When you feel left behind on the Valentines Day
And like no one really cares
I’ll be here
My love be here
When you are scared on the Valentines Day
And worried about what’s to come
I’ll be here
My love be here

This is special Valentines Day without Valentines
As the sun goes down
These feelings are abound
My heart grows heavy
My sighs draw out
Tears threaten from eyes to fall
But I’ll be here
I’m missing you