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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Military Dad

Father’s Day 2011 will be very special day for every new military dad though they are deployed now and will be for about a year or so. If you have this friend and want to choose appropriate Father’s Day gift for him to help him to celebrate this unique Father’s Day, the Father’s Day gifts themed his new baby is perfect.

Military Congratulation Plaque

Military Congratulation Plaque

But, first show your congratulation is great. You can customize a crystal military congratulation plaque at for the new military dad. Then ask Diy Awards engraving the congratulation wording or warm saying of military spouse who is also a happy new mother.

The military plaque features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag will be wonderful.

Congratulation Letter

Your congratulation letter will be also nice Father’s Day gift for new military father. Using an upbeat tone, describe how you learned of the news, they are necessary and interesting for new military father and he want to know more information about his new baby and wife.

The Photo Frame of New Baby

Ideas for Pastor

This will be most beautiful photo frame with new baby in the life of new military dad. There is amazing digital photo software lets you take any nice digital photo and make a custom baby photo gift from, you can also post e-mail the new baby photos, make a photo book from them, or make a cool mugs and stuff with them for new military dad.


The new role of new father is exciting and unfamiliarity for new military dad, choose right book about how to be a good father or how take care of their new baby is wonderful and useful.

Footprint Bookmark

The right saddle must is set on the right horse. So good book can’t have no nice bookmark. Make a bookmark in the new dad’s favorite color at a local department store or super store. Visit a craft store and pick up an ink kit that’s safe for a baby’s skin. Take the new baby’s footprint and apply it to the dad’s bookmark.

Military Gifts by Branch

Crystal Father’s Day Plaque for Army Fathers

Military plaques as your unique Father’s Day gift for army father will perfect. The Army which boasts of the largest department in the armed forces have probable also the largest selection of images to choose from.

Many Army wives like to tell their kids that the U.S. Army is the world’s strongest military force, bar none and their father currently serve in this powerful branch of the military. Therefore these Army fathers are the great heroes in their young heart though they can’t know more why their Father’s Day without the company of Army Father.

Father’s Day Gifts Show Love for Army Fathers

Although many Army kids can’t celebrate the special with their father for their fathers were deployed . They still prepare unique Father’s Day gift for Army father to show their deep love and pride.

Military kids choose these Army father gifts can be personalized with their father’s name, initials, dates of service or other details, and this makes them especially beloved. Crystal military plaque is always perfect choice for the striking and shining of crystal symbolize the holy spirit of Army father.

Crystal Military Plaque for Army Fathers

Plaques are the standard gift for a military member departing for a new assignment or upon completion of a special project. The crystal military plaque will be unique and appropriate as one Father’s Day gift.

Crystal differs from other materials in that it always sparkles and reflects light. Personalization is easy because they can be laser etched with your Father’s Day poems, quotes or military appreciation wording that show the your love and emotion.

	 Military Prayer Plaque

Customized a crystal military prayer plaque at and ask them to design the plaque with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag.

Our soldiers are a fighting force that always responds to danger with courage and discipline. They completely alter their lives when they sign up for the Army, and they are prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to protect America’s freedom abroad as well as at home. Let this praying hands pray Army fathers.

No matter which type of Army Father’s Day gift is given, however, they are a way to salute our soldiers. And if their spirits are starting to flag, Army Father’s Day gifts will quickly boost them back up.

Military Gifts by Branch

Father’s Day for Deployed Fathers


How to celebrate the Father’s Day without father for he was deployed? We can’t take dad out to dinner, let him watch TV all day, and give him a big kiss to let him know how much we love him. The Father’s Day for every deployed serviceman is special and sentimental.

Wondering how to support our deployed fathers over the holiday season?

Sending Father’s Day Gifts for Deployed Fathers

You can imagine the life of military family while a military father is deployed overseas; mothers must face running a household without the help of their partner, while children are left missing their fathers. Now just unique military Father’s Day gifts can help them express their love.

Here are collections of Father’s Day gifts for deployed fathers from military spouses and kids; they are all special and warm.

  1. Marry will send a pillow case with a picture of their kids on it holding signs that say they love daddy and it says they love daddy above the picture and their names under it.
  2. Mrs. Smith may prepare a special CD with their baby. This is Mr. Smith’s first deployment leaving his baby while he can’t say “Daddy”. So Mrs. Smith is sure that her husband will be very excited when he hears baby’s voice “Daddy”.
  3. Kelly sent hubby last time a crystal military plaque with a Father’s Day poem from Diy Awards.
  4. Rosemary O’Brien chooses a T-shirt with her son’s handprints that said Word’s Greatest Dad.
  5. Abby will make a scrap book for him this Father’s Day 2011. It isn’t big but it is just something he could look at. She prepare lovely color and a special picture that go in there, and then just put some cute photos of the kids with him in it. Then find 4 really sweet military appreciation poems and put those on the last pages.
  6. Susan usually just sends cards, candy and small things like that while deployed fathers is far away from home. She saves all of his gifts for when he gets home. He prefers it that way because it is less for him to bring home.

Thoughtful Father’s Day for Deployed Fathers from Troops

Phone Cards

You may agree with me that the photo Cards are thoughtful military gift. The photo cards will allow service men and women to call home to a loved one for free.

Commissary Gift Certificates

A commissary is a store where military personnel can buy groceries at a discounted price; commissary gift certificate is good way you can help ensure military is eating well while deployed.

Pillow Case for Deployed Father

A pillow case may help you deployed father have a better night’s sleep and wake up looking better and feeling better. Choose the silk pillow case is great for simply the softest, lightest. Body pillows provide a great deal of comfort for many people. They give support during sleep as well as just lounging around. This will be best thoughtful Father’s Day gift idea for deployed father.

Military Gifts by Branch

Father’s Day for Military Father Whose Son on Deployment

On Father’s Day, families take their dad out to dinner, let him watch TV all day, and give their dad a special Father’s Day gift to let him know how much they love him. When you come from a military family, however, you may have to come up with creative ways to honor your father for you were deployed.

Here are some meaningful way to show your love and blessing for your father to help him reduce the lonely and low mood on the special Father’s Day.

    1. Send an E-card to father. If your condition doesn’t allow you to buy or make a Father’s Day card for your father, you also can choose the e-card for father. And E-cards are colorful, usually have music and best of all, can be free.
    2. Shop online for Father’s Day. You may have enough time to shop online for father, don’t worry, you can told your mother, wife, brothers, sisters or friends to help you buy the Father’s Day gift on your shopping list depend on your father’s hobby.
    3. Send your own picture about the life of deployment. Your parents may be worry you would be on a mission or without electricity. You can ask your fellow to take your photograph, let your father, mother, wife and others see your smile.
    4. Customize a crystal prayer plaque for your father. Whether you believe guardian angels impact your family as they watch over and protect them from harm or not. Ask Diy Awards to customize this crystal pray plaque with your deep love and pray will be meaningful and warm. Your father and whole family will hear your sincere prayer from you though far away from home.
    5. Sing a Thank you father song. Your father will receive your “Thank You Father” song on telephone with happiness and deeply touch.
    6. Just say “I love You”. You may be too shy to said “I Love You” to your father, now, what are you waiting for? Your father will be so overwhelmed and couldn’t speak anything.

Now say “Happy Father’s Day” for every father whose sons on deployment.

Military Gifts by Branch

Father’s Day for Military

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2011 and while all fathers are recognized on this special day for their ability to balance family, home, and work, today we send a special salute to fathers who also serve in the American Forces.

What Father’s Day means to military? With work hours and locations as far from normal as you can get, these members still manage to balance family life and an extremely challenging career.

1. They can’t enjoy this holiday with their kids

It is not easy to be in the military, especially during the special day when you have children you must leave behind at home, though your children are pretty good about understanding everything, they know your career is so special that they can’t help your celebrate the Father’s Day for you.

Our military still want to strain their children to their heart with deep love, they will tell little kids, they are the best Father’s Day gifts.

2. They can’t say” I love You, Father!” in the face of their father.

Our military also play three roles in their life, son, husband and father. During this especial day, he can’t say “I love you! Father!” in front of their father. Being military parents take a great deal of strength, courage and faith. It isn’t easy not seeing your son or daughter very often, and it’s especially difficult to be the mom of a son or daughter who is deployed overseas.

3. They feel sorry for their kids and family

Children will inevitably feel the sting of a military deployment on the Father’s Day, our military fathers also feel very sorry for them. All the military children have no enough time enjoy their Father’s love.

How to help military celebrate Father’s Day

Families take their dad out to dinner, let him watch TV all day, and give their dad a special card to let him know how much they love him. When you come from a military family, however, you may have to come up with creative ways to honor your father. What have some military families done to mark Father’s Day during a time when Dear Old Dad was deployed?

Send card with Military Father

You can imagine, on Father’s Day, one military father would open cards sent by his wife and signed by the children when they were old enough to write, how warm and happy!

Record Dad’s Story for Father’s Day

Do you think it is special Father’s Day gift ideas that record your family history; you can start with Dad’s story on Father’s Day.

DIY Father’s Day Theme Crystal Plaque for Military Father

 Military Appreciation Plaque

[Click here to see more crystal military plaque]

Diy Awards offers many kinds custom crystal plaque for military, you can choose what style you like and engraved your own appreciation wording on the crystal plaque.

Father’s Day Activities

Since it’s summertime, if your military father is enjoying their holiday at home, this is very perfect and lucky, why not take the party to the backyard? Get out the grill and start serving up some of dad’s favorite foods.