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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Air Force Dads

Our Air Force Dads serve our country every day of the year, so why not take the Father’s Day to show our appreciation for All Air Force Dads.

For loved father in the Air Force, there are numerous gifts, from crystal plaque to custom made blankets that can show them how much you care while also honoring Air Force Fathers’ dedication to the Armed Services.

Crystal Air Force Plaque for Dad

Military Prayer Plaque

Flying high in the fastest aircraft on the planet having to make split second decision requires tremendous training and skill. Couple any unit crest with a campaign crest or a family coat of arms and you will have something that will take pride of place in any room in your home. Take the desert storm insignia with the name rank and the dates of deployment engraved underneath it on a crystal plaque and you can design a masterpiece.

Father’s Day Songs for Air Force Dad

Lots of songs have been written about Air Force fathers, mostly tribute songs to acknowledge the greatness of Air Force father. Many Father’s Day songs show our love from the lyrics.

“A father is someone that holds your hand at the fair makes sure you do what your mother says,

holds back your hair when you are sick,

brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy,

lets you eat ice cream for breakfast but only when mother is away,

he walks you down the aisle and tells you everything gonna be ok”.

Father’s Day Gifts for Sports-fanatic Air Force Dad

If your Air Force dad was deployed during the Father’s Day, you can’t invite him to enjoy his favorite sports team play, ballpark, catching foul balls, a sports museum or even a hall-of-fame. Now you can re-new dad’s subscription to Sports Illustrated. That is also good Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day Gifts for Music-loving Air Force Dad

Sing a Father’s Day song is also a appropriate Father’s Day gift for your Music-loving Air Force Father.

Or your dad also likes to get nostalgic and talk about his days as a dead-head. Your music-loving Air Force Father maybe like these need something more than a new CD or an instrument. If your father was deployed that can’t enjoy the concert with you, you can choose some old, one-of-a-king band memorabilia could be the Father’s Day gift that sends dad back to his glory days.

Military Gifts by Branch

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts for Navy Fathers

Blue Crystal items maybe most suitable Father’s Day gifts for Navy father. As nautical gift, blue crystal gifts have striking light and beautiful shape, blue crystal can be symbolized the Holy Spirit and strong willing of Navy.

Nautical decorations and gifts are those that related to the sea, particularly to sailling, fishing and nautical history. Your Navy fathers are interested in the ocean( just the blue crystal gifts has same color), boats, sailing, fishing, pirates or navy history may appreciate a nautical gift for Father’s Day.

Crystal Craft Boats

An elegant crystal craft boat for Navy father will be exquisite Father’s Day gift. Customize special crystal craft boats with your own Father’s Day quotes or poems to bless your Navy father enjoy The Navy service without difficult.

Crystal Sail Military Award

Crystal Sail Military Award

The crystal Navy plaque can be designed to reveal the name of a carrier your Navy father sailed in, what rank your achieved through your father’s career, whether your fathers were a Navy Officer or a Seabee the choice are endless. Details of your father’s deployments can be engraved on the plaque also.

You also can customize the crystal military plaque with an etched image, Father’s Day quotes, poems or military appreciation wording. The plaque can be small and added to an award or keepsake, or it can be made large and flat to look like a painting on the wall.

Crystal Swans

Swan symbolizes freedom and the blue crystal means the ocean, so the beautiful swan would make an elegant Father’s Day gift for your Navy father. They are delicately crafted and a joy to behold. You’d better choose a set of five crystal swans with different size.

Crystal Fish Pendant

Crystal fish pendant with blue plating is another amazing piece of crystal art that is bound to make any heart dance. This makes a lovely Father’s Day gift for Navy father.

Military Gifts by Branch

Father’s Day for Military Father Whose Son on Deployment

On Father’s Day, families take their dad out to dinner, let him watch TV all day, and give their dad a special Father’s Day gift to let him know how much they love him. When you come from a military family, however, you may have to come up with creative ways to honor your father for you were deployed.

Here are some meaningful way to show your love and blessing for your father to help him reduce the lonely and low mood on the special Father’s Day.

    1. Send an E-card to father. If your condition doesn’t allow you to buy or make a Father’s Day card for your father, you also can choose the e-card for father. And E-cards are colorful, usually have music and best of all, can be free.
    2. Shop online for Father’s Day. You may have enough time to shop online for father, don’t worry, you can told your mother, wife, brothers, sisters or friends to help you buy the Father’s Day gift on your shopping list depend on your father’s hobby.
    3. Send your own picture about the life of deployment. Your parents may be worry you would be on a mission or without electricity. You can ask your fellow to take your photograph, let your father, mother, wife and others see your smile.
    4. Customize a crystal prayer plaque for your father. Whether you believe guardian angels impact your family as they watch over and protect them from harm or not. Ask Diy Awards to customize this crystal pray plaque with your deep love and pray will be meaningful and warm. Your father and whole family will hear your sincere prayer from you though far away from home.
    5. Sing a Thank you father song. Your father will receive your “Thank You Father” song on telephone with happiness and deeply touch.
    6. Just say “I love You”. You may be too shy to said “I Love You” to your father, now, what are you waiting for? Your father will be so overwhelmed and couldn’t speak anything.

Now say “Happy Father’s Day” for every father whose sons on deployment.