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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Military Dad

Father’s Day 2011 will be very special day for every new military dad though they are deployed now and will be for about a year or so. If you have this friend and want to choose appropriate Father’s Day gift for him to help him to celebrate this unique Father’s Day, the Father’s Day gifts themed his new baby is perfect.

Military Congratulation Plaque

Military Congratulation Plaque

But, first show your congratulation is great. You can customize a crystal military congratulation plaque at for the new military dad. Then ask Diy Awards engraving the congratulation wording or warm saying of military spouse who is also a happy new mother.

The military plaque features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag will be wonderful.

Congratulation Letter

Your congratulation letter will be also nice Father’s Day gift for new military father. Using an upbeat tone, describe how you learned of the news, they are necessary and interesting for new military father and he want to know more information about his new baby and wife.

The Photo Frame of New Baby

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This will be most beautiful photo frame with new baby in the life of new military dad. There is amazing digital photo software lets you take any nice digital photo and make a custom baby photo gift from, you can also post e-mail the new baby photos, make a photo book from them, or make a cool mugs and stuff with them for new military dad.


The new role of new father is exciting and unfamiliarity for new military dad, choose right book about how to be a good father or how take care of their new baby is wonderful and useful.

Footprint Bookmark

The right saddle must is set on the right horse. So good book can’t have no nice bookmark. Make a bookmark in the new dad’s favorite color at a local department store or super store. Visit a craft store and pick up an ink kit that’s safe for a baby’s skin. Take the new baby’s footprint and apply it to the dad’s bookmark.