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7 Secrets to Happy Military Retirement

You must want to have happy military retirement while you retired from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard. But how do you do to have happy military retirement life? Almost people equate money with happiness.

Of course, you will need a solid financial base for retirement. But overlook the most important element of a happy retirement, and you run the risk of having a retirement that’s, well, not so happy.

But, what are secrets of happy military retirement? Some of these folks may wonder whether they are really cut out for retirement at all. Here are 7 traits happy retirees share.

1. Good Health

The most important ingredient to a happy retirement is good health. All the life of military members is regular and organized, so almost military retirees isn’t adapted to the new schedule that they will have negative feeling of boring, worthless, idle etc. These negative attitudes may be important impact on their health.

  • A study from the University of Kentucky showed increased immune function as participants’ level of optimism increased.
  • People with a positive attitude get sick less often than those with a negative attitude, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Elderly folks with an optimistic view of aging lived 7.5 years longer than those with a negative view, according to a Yale study.
  • And a Dutch study found that pessimists over the age of 65 had a higher risk of heart disease than those with a sunnier outlook.

2. Value Time

Clements says that people become more and more unhappy as they get older, with unhappiness peaking in the 40s, and then people get happier. The theory is you are happiest when you have more time and more freedom and control over your daily life.

3. Work at Retirement

One economist found that working in retirement seems to increase satisfaction. However, military retirees are less satisfied is they aren’t working, but their spouse is. So work at military retirement. There are many kinds of organizations and communities will offer a range of jobs for military retirees.

4. A Social Network

If your retired soldier has strong social networks are 30 percent happier with his/her lives than those without a strong network of friends. That’s to say that having friends was far more important to retirement bliss than having kids.

5. Hobbies and Interests

Now it is good time to develop retiree’s hobbies and interests. No matter what they are, fishing, hiking, dancing, reading or others, it is better than fill retired time with endless hours of television. You know heavy TV views report lower satisfaction with their lives.

And it is good for retirees’ friends who like choose appropriate military retirement gifts ideas accord to their hobbies and interests.

6. Do something for someone else at least once a day

Schedule something to do every single day. Do something for some else at least once a day.

This is great military retirement advice for anyone in any stage of life, isn’t it? Simple things in life – holding the door open for someone, helping put groceries into someone’s trunk, picking up friends for lunch, sending a birthday card, taking care of a friend who was ill.

7. Learn Something New Every Month

If you have friends or relatives who are military retirees but they are never too old to learn something new! Encourage them to sign up for a painting class, learn a new language to prepare for a trip to an exotic country, or take an e-course or buy a book on a topic that’s always interested you.

Trying different things will inject variety into military retirement schedule, breaking the monotony of the days; it will also keep their mind alert and even give you a chance to meet different people.