Military Appreciation Poems

Military Wife Poems

Writing an appreciation poem for military wife may be perfect way to express our appreciation and concern. There is nothing more valuable than a few words of gratitude that can make military wives feel that they have done a worthwhile job.

What’s Military Spouse’s Role?

Maybe it was his courage and patriotism,
Maybe it was that strong self-confidence he radiated
Or maybe it was how he looked in uniform
Whichever factor
Or combination of factors appealed to them most,
They have decided to throw in their lot with a military man
This is our lovely military spouse

Military spouse – the hardest job in the military. For most military spouses, they found separation during deployments was more difficult than they anticipated.

But they still keep their love and support for deployed husband, the feeling of loneliness, depression, helpless can’t defeat them for they know happiness and peace of military family is depending on steady marriage and their husbands are great heroes in their eyes. We want to tell them that they are also our country’s heroes.

You Are Also Hero

 You are also hero
You know that don’t you?
You are so brave
And strong of Character
We admire everything about you
Especially you told us
“What’s Military Wife’s Role?”
Waiting, it is what you do.
Intrepid, it is what you are.
Faithful, which you remain.
Eternal, is your love.
Now, I appreciate you are hero
Who can contradict it?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day gives us an opportunity to say thanks to the great wives. military spouse marriages are so special that have to deal with separations and other stresses more often than civilian marriages.

Silent Patriot

A woman for all seasons
A woman for today.
She grows to meet the challenges
And grows along the way.
Her life is not an easy one
With many loads to bear.
But she proudly serves her husband
And the uniform he wears.
Throughout the years, she marches on
Through tears and joy and strife.
She’s America’s unsung hero-
She’s a military wife.

Annual Valentine’s Day is special and hard time for every military wife, but they are also interested in writing romantic and inspiriting deployment love poems to their deployed loved one to show your love and heart. They can’t miss any chance to show their support and love. Here a funny Valentines Day poem for a Army wife from her deployed husband, the appreciation and love from this poem show me the unique love which is hard but funny, sentimental but happiness.

A military wife is mostly girl – though there are times when her husband is away and she is mowing the lawn that she begins to think that she is also a “boy.” She usually comes in three sizes: petite, plump, and pregnant. During the early years of her marriage it is often hard to determine which size is her normal one.

She is sentimental, carrying her memories with her in an old footlocker. She often cries at parades without knowing why. She is a dreamer – “We’ll never move again.” She is an optimist – “The next place will be better.” She is a realist – “Oh, well, as long as we’re together.” You might say she’s a bigamist, sharing her husband with a demanding other entity called “DUTY.” When duty calls, she becomes the #2 wife – and until she accepts this fact her life can be miserable.

This is my wife, Happy Valentines Day, my love!

Our military wife, inspire deployed husband with their courage strength, and deep devotion to our country. They endure the challenges of multiple deployments and moves, spend holidays and life milestones apart. So write an appreciation poem to our hero:

Have I told you recently how much I admire you?
You are capable of things I know I could never endure. . .
You deal with situations that I don’t think I could face,
And still, you worry more about everyone else,
And how they will hold up through these rough times,
Knowing that you will pull through no matter what.
Do your enemies know what they are facing?
If only they knew you are a formidable foe. . .
You would have them running away to hide,
And still, you would seek out those people,
The ones who want to make the world cringe,
Knowing that you must do so to protect those you love.