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Army Creed Gifts

Each enlisted personnel of U.S. Army must learn the U.S. Soldier’s Creed as they are trained to become a soldier in US Army. They need to keep it in mind and try to stick to the creed during their whole military career. The creed is recited at the end of the training publicly in the enlistment ceremonies. It is also commonly recited at the graduation ceremony from Army ROTC.The Soldier’s Creed defines the code of conduct that every U.S. soldier tries to adhere to as well as the belief that he upholds. If every U.S. soldier carries out the creed, the U.S. Army will become the most powerful and undefeatable armed force in the world without doubt.

To give an army creed gift is a good way to encourage the soldier or officer to live up to the creed as well as remind him of it. There are many kinds of army creed gifts available at different price levels. Maybe you are selecting a great gift to a loved family member or friend who joined U.S. army or to show your support to the troops fighting somewhere in the world in the interest of the country. This article offers some army creed gift ideas to suit your needs.

A beautiful crystal plaque engraved with army’s creed is a traditional army creed gift. It is a unique way to proudly display the Creed of the United States Army. Crystal clear and finely crafted, it can be an ornament on the office desk or shown in a display case.

Each of the Army’s creed plaque can also be individualized with your personal messages such as the soldier’s name, his rank, the branch and unit he serves in and the army crest and badge.

It is a great army gift to recognize military service past or present. It also makes a great gift for soldiers’ graduations, enlistments, promotions and retirements.

Each crystal plaque costs between 100USD and 200USD. It is easy to order it online with your personalization requirements.

If your budget is limited, some other more affordable army creed gifts may be considered.

You may give a nice coffee cup or mug printed with army creed and crest as a gift. While it serves morning beverage or late night brew, it reminds the soldier or officer of the creed. A military creed beer stein is also a great “usable” alternative to the trophy.

A wooden keepsake box engraved with army creed is also a traditional gift to honor a loved soldier or officer. This military keepsake box can be customized to be engraved with your soldier’s name, rank, and branch of the military with the creed of each military branch artistically. It is perfect to keep small mementos of your soldier or officer.

A wide variety of clothing such as shirts, T-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts & hoodies are also wonderful military creed gifts. The army creed and army crest are designed on the clothes nicely. When a soldier or an officer wears them, it reminds him to live up to the standards of the creed and encourage him to try his best to fulfill his sacred missions at all times.

Another wonderful army creed gift to your friend or family member in the army is a military ornament printed or engraved with the solder’s creed. It accessorizes bare wall-space in the office or barracks instantly. It can be made of wood, metal or framed tile and designed in different shapes or sizes. This decorative gift promoting the army creed will be well received by soldiers and officers of the army.

In closing, an army’s creed gift is a wonderful military gift that reminds soldiers and officers of the pride of being one member of the U.S. army and encourages them to serve the country and people at highest standards. It can be given to a member of your family or your friend serving in the army on many occasions such as soldier’ graduations, enlistments, promotions and retirements. Most likely it will be one of the most cherished gifts for a person engaged on military career.

Military Gifts by Branch

Military Gifts for Friendship Day

If you have some friends are military service members, don’t miss the Friendship Day to show your love and concern for them. Let them read your appreciation and support from your friendship wording on your military gifts.

Staying in touch with long distance friends who were deployed overseas can be difficult and tough. It seems there is never enough time in the Friendship Day to call for that much overdue catch-up call. Now your thoughtful Friendship Day gifts will help you show your blesses and wishes for your military friends.

Choose practical military gifts to enrich your friends’ life and they must be appreciating your thoughtful spiritual military gifts that will be the highlight in their boring life. No matter what, your military friends will love getting something other than bills in the mail. All it takes is an out-of-touch friend and a little inspiration.

Practical Military Gifts for Friendship Day

For military men and women, military care packages from home are what keep them motivated, they are practical and warming. There’re tokens of love and appreciation that are valued and cherished.

Any care package is a good package in the eyes of a soldier, but you will want to tend to both their wants and needs. Consider the simple necessities in life that may or may not be available in abundance overseas.

  • Make a CD of a favorite band or musician you saw in concert together or send a series of CDs with songs you think your friend would like. Music has a special way of connecting people.
  • Deodorant, razors, vitamins, bandages and other toiletries are always welcome.
  • Your serviceman or servicewoman overseas may love your homemade cookies, it is best to stick to store-bought snack foods with a long shelf life. This will be delicious Friendship Day gifts.
  • If you have a video camera, record events such as friends’ wedding, proms, graduations, travel, BBQ, birthday party or favorite community event he has missed while away from friends and family and send the DVD.

Spiritual Military Gifts for Friendship Day

Everyone can benefit from spiritual gifts provided they are opened up to spiritual things; our military friend is no exception. All human beings who are receptive to the spiritual gifts given to people by God to share with others for the building up of their faith and walk with God in their everyday lives such as the books, art, meditation tools, or spiritual trip.

  1. Books are a good idea for a spiritual military friend. Books will allow him to learn more about whatever his particular faith is and to reinforce what he already believes.
  2. Know the religion of your military friend and choose a print of one of famous works of art within his religion that he could hang in his home or office. Customize a crystal military prayer plaque will be wonderful and your military friend will be interested in its clear perfection and sparkling reflection.
  3. You may think the meditation tools are interesting and funny, but your military friends may need them to enjoy spending time each day in meditation. This helps them to feel closer to God and to think about how they can service for country.
  4. A spiritual trip will be difficult for military members. But it is good for them. Send him on a spiritual trip. Where he would want to go would depend on his religion or spiritual beliefs.
Military Gifts by Branch

Military Gifts for Parents’ Day 2011

Military Gifts for Parents’ Day 2011

Parents’ Day is rapidly approaching and as usual, many people are racking their brains trying to come up with a gift that their dad, mom, grandparents or other man and woman in their life will love. It is not always an easy task. If your loved parents serve in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Coast etc.

Though our Parents’ Day Council plays an active role in celebrating and promoting Parents’ Day through a range of events and activities, almost military parents can’t enjoy the happy time for their families to come together for lunches or dinners, they have to service our country during this day.

Love is the ultimate answer of love. And it is your duty to reciprocate the love of your parents. We can’t neglect the significance of Parents’ Day though our parents are serving in military. The military gifts can help us show our love and appreciation for them.

Traditional Parents’ Day

1. Parents’ Day Cards

Parents' Day Cards The most difficult part about choosing appropriate military gifts for Parents’ Day 2011 is according to the interest and taste of military parents. Make a Parents’ Day card is traditional and classical way, but you know the Parents’ Day wording, parents appreciation poems, quotes etc will be the highlight of card.

2. Parents’ Day Letters

Write a Parents’ Day is the best way to convey your innermost feeling and thoughts to your military parents. Letter to parents can be written in various ways and it will definitely be a splendid gift for them on Parents’ Day. It will be a gift that they will treasure and cherish forever.

Romantic Parents’ Day Gifts

1. Parents’ Day Message in Bottle

Parents' Day Message in Bottle Your romantic Parents’ Day gift idea may help your military parents reduce the emotion of lonely of festival like the message in bottle. Create your own love message and place it inside a special bottle. This is a great way to personalize your romantic feelings and present it in a unique way.

2. Parents’ Day Kite

April is National Kite Flying Month here in the US. But every season is perfect time to fly kite just depend your interest. You can choose Parents’ Day-themed kite (your homemade kite will be wonderful) and ask your military parents to fly it with you in their heart, and then they will see your love is filled with their sky.

Engraved Parents’ Day

There are many different types of engravable gifts available this holiday season, the most popular being your own personalized engraved gift. Personalization is heartwarming and touches people’s lives. It makes the military gifts last forever.

Almost anything can be personalized, including picture jewelry, frames, desk clocks, wine glasses, tankards, key rings, trinket boxes, pens and more.

Military Plaque Customize military plaques at for military parents will be unique way to celebrate this Parents’ Day 2011. Crystal differs from other materials in that it always sparkles and reflects light. Personalization is easy because they can be laser etched with a personal message that shows your love and appreciation for your military parents.

Military Gifts by Branch

Marine Retirement Gift – Military Retirement Plaque

A military retirement plaque with the American flag proudly etched on the back may be a perfect retirement choice for Marine Corps personnel.

There are numerous shops and retailers online that offer a wide selection of Marine Corps-themed fleece jackets, hoodies and T-shirts. But the crystal Marine Corps may be best appropriate retirement gifts ideas for every Marine Corps.

Crystal Marine Corps Retirement Plaque is Unique

Crystal offers many kinds forms from which to choose the most appropriate military appreciation plaques/awards.

Face the crystal military retirement plaque, are plastic and metal trophies or wooden retirement plaques really what you want decorating your office? Crystal plaques have that wonderful factor that attracts attention from ordinary, and they are a transparent material that reflects and refracts lights.

It doesn’t matter where they are displayed, bur I am sure this will be highlight of retirees’ award displayer.

As long as there is light, the crystal trophies will sparkle and attract attention. Your retired Marine Corps personnel will proudly display them as a constant reminder of how their good work is appreciated.

Military Retirement Wording on the Plaque

It is better that customize unique Marine retirement plaque for your special man and woman at First engrave clean the retirement message including the recipient’s name, presenter’s name, name of award, reason of award, location, date and any descriptive, miscellaneous or connecting phrases.

And then choose appropriate military retirement wording to decorate the crystal plaque, just like military appreciation poems, retirement wording, quotes, sayings etc.

The Layout of Marine Corps Retirement Plaque

Marine Corps Retirement PlaqueEngraved Marine Corps Retirement Plaque Marine Retirement Plaque Wording






Marine retirement plaque wording can be quite lengthy; therefore, dividing the wording into several lines is often necessary. This process is known as segmenting. It is a good idea to split long lines at points where people will naturally pause when reading.

Military Appreciation Poems Military Gifts by Branch

Flag Day Poems

Flag Day will be celebrated by many families throughout the United States. Many patriotic people or poet show their love for Flag, appreciation and support for military by many kinds of patriotic poems, such as the Flag Day Poems:

Our Flag Flies High

By Joanna Fuchs

The U.S. flag is a symbol

Of what Americans treasure;

It represents the values

We cherish beyond measure.

Our flag flies high for freedom,

For legal equality,

For Constitutional rights,

And justice for you and me.

Our flag flies high for bravery,

The courage it takes to fight

And even give our lives

For what we know is right.

Our flag flies high for compassion;

We quickly help those in need;

When there’s a need for service,

Americans take the lead.

The American flag is an icon,

Representing the American way;

Our hearts swell with emotion,

When we see it ripple and sway.

Military Prayer Plaque

You can engraved this poem on the crystal plaque as your unique military gift, Diy Awards can engraved your favorite Flag Day Poem on crystal plaques with appropriate layout what you want, there are a number of style of crystal award you can choose.

Show the Flag

Show the flag and let it wave

As a symbol of the brave;

Let it float upon the breeze

As a sign for each who sees

That beneath it, where it rides,

Loyalty to-day abides.

Show the flag that all may see

That you serve humanity.

Let it whisper to the breezes

That comes singing through the trees

That whatever storms descend

You’ll be faithful to the end.

Show the flag and let it fly,

Cheering every passer-by.

Men that may have stepped aside,

May have lost their old-time pride,

May behold it there, and then,

Consecrate themselves again.

Call Me Old Glory

Call me Old Glory,

Or Stars and Stripes.

This Star Spangled Banner

Must flow all night.

I must fly high amongst the hillside,

Low amongst the grass

Touching every heart string,

Without hitting the grounds I pass.

I must feel the breeze

Go through me

Go around

Up and below,

Feel the freedom I stand for,

To channel it below.

I must hear the calls for freedom

Wipe the tears that flow,

Strengthen the badges of courage

Of those men and women we know,

Who fight for right and justice

Who toil for honors sake

Who represent this flag

For this United States.

A Forgotten Flag

I saw a flag the wind had tattered

No one to care or think it mattered!

Wind torn and faded stripes were flapping

Pale stars upon dim blue were napping!

I wondered if a bugle blowing,

Would rouse our country to bestowing…

Upon our flag more true devotion;

And stir our hearts with real emotion!

Forgotten there, so bravely flying

A symbol worn, but never dying!

A challenge! To a nation sleeping

A loyal sentry, Watch is keeping!

I Am the Flag

I am the flag of the United States of America.

My name is Old Glory.

I fly atop the world’s tallest buildings.

I stand watch in America’s halls of justice.

I fly majestically over institutions of learning.

I stand guard with power in the world.

Look up and see me.

I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice.

I stand for freedom.

I am confident.

I am arrogant.

I am proud.