Military Appreciation Poems

Patriotic Poems to Honor Our Veterans

Write a patriotic poem will be your personalized Veterans Day tribute to the men and women who serve, in whatever capacity to ensure the liberty and security of America.

Send your Veterans Day poem to honor soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and reservists on Veterans Day 2011. Salute your veteran with patriotic poetry is meaningful and appropriate.

Here are some patriotic poems honoring veterans. Veterans Day poems should include all veterans, living and dead. This Veterans Day poem could be used as a Veteran’s Day Greeting.

Sailor Salute

by Roger W Hancock

Dedicated to the men and women
who serve in the U.S. Navy

Sailor soldier,
Risk upon the sea.
Sailor sons,
Depth on submarines.
Sailor gunner,
Aim be true.
Sailor Sister,
Nurse or fighter.
Sailor on Battleship,
War fitted freighters.
Sailor mariner,
Aircraft carrier.
Sailor dangers,
Below, above.
Sailor we salute
The sailor brave.

American Hero

by Roger W Hancock

In a distant land, soldier’s mission,
Far from home, far from liberty’s security.
Continued war, peace-keeping tactics,
Reality of training, on the job learning.
Survival thoughts in heat of war,
creates the valor, our war heroes.

One soldier volunteer, simple duty serves,
A driver to transport, one lone prisoner.
Humvee rolling, attack from nowhere,
Explosion wounding two, radio out.
Driver’s arm in lap, barely attached,
Continues driving for other’s safety.

The incident does not make the hero,
Training, experience defines his duty.
American soldiers are trained as best,
Hero’s all, the tests will prove.
Greater mission our security,
Duty serves each menial task.
Warfare battles proving some…
An American soldier hero.

Veterans Day

by Roger W Hancock

We honor you, who fought for us,
For country’s sake of freedom’s plight.
You kept the greatest country great,
By sacrifice of you who served.

Honor to military, soldiers served.
There seems no risk in peace to serve.
When war breaks the silent peace,
No peace when security cease.

Sacrifice of civilian life,
Careers succumb to enlist, or draft.
Families wait in fear, in prayer,
For loved ones return alive, not dead.

Returned Heroes and those deceased,
We honor, thank, though insufficient.
Parades, programs, our pride convey,
We honor you on Veterans Day.