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Valentines Day Care Package Ideas for Deployed Soldiers

You may have a hard time to keep the fun and love with Valentines Day care package.

Your deployed loved one, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend who’s ever been away from home for long periods of time can relate to the excitement and joy of receiving your unique Valentines Day care package. They will appreciate you celebrating the special day with romantic deployment gifts, even though they can’t have no opportunity to enjoy Valentine’s Day dinner with you.

Your romantic and creative Valentines gifts ideas not only tell your loved one overseas how much “I Love You”, but also they raise the morale of your deployed loved one and let him/her feel like they are celebrating Valentine’s Day with you while receive your great gifts.

Valentines Day Care Package Ideas

  1. Valentine’s Day letter
  2. Handwritten love poem or song
  3. Customize exquisite crystal love plaque with engraved love and blessing wording.
  4. Handmade Valentine cards with Valentine quotes
  5. Romantic Valentine message in a bottle
  6. Red Hots or their favorite candy
  7. Baked heart-sharped cookies.
  8.  Valentine’s Day video games for his PSP
  9. Digital versions of Valentines Day movies
  10. Bug spray with smelling of roses
  11. A small pup tent has been decorated with star and stripes.
  12. Write your own love story.
  13. Love heart sky lanterns
  14. Unique box of Valentine’s Day pieces of paper, 52 reasons why “I love you” on a deck of cards.
  15. Photos
  16. Homemade CD be filled with love songs
  17. Valentine’s Day bracelets shaped with roses or hearts
  18. Love diary
  19. Love teddy bear with Valentines Day music
  20. Valentines Day emblem


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