You, Me And Soldier

The stars wing down the western steep,

And soon the east will burn with day,

And we shall struggle up from sleep

And sling our packs and march away.

Military Poem

In this brief hour before the dawn

Has struck our bivouac with flame

I think of men whose brows have borne

The iron wreath of deadly fame.

Military Poem

I see the fatal phalanx creep,

Like death across the world and back,

With eyes that only strive to keep

Bucephalus’ immortal track.

I see the legion wheel through Gaul,

The sword and flame on hearth and home,

And all the men who had to fall

That Caesar might be first in Rome.

Military Poem

I see the horde of Genghis Khan

Spread outward like the dawn of day

To trample golden Khorassan

And thunder over fair Cathay.

Military Poem

I see the grizzled grenadier,

The dark dragoon, the gay hussar,

Whose shoulders bore for many a year

Their little emperor’s blazing star.

I see these things, still am I slave

When banners flaunt and bugles blow,

Content to fill a soldier’s grave

For reasons I shall never know.

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